Brother AACOOLDRE : yo mama lied on your Birth Cert: farrakhan + Obama


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

To cover up embarrassing facts, both moms of Louis Farrakhan and President Barack Obama lied on official government documents of their Birth Certificates about the true identities of their baby dads. Yo mama that’s right I’m talking about your mothers today.

I was shocked when the truth came out about Minister Louis Farrakhan mama lying. Min Farrakhan has preached many sermons explaining that he loved the truth because his mother would discipline him with a strap, switch, ironing cord very harshly whenever he was caught in a lie. And I expected that when people run for president of the United States of America they would come telling the truth about their family tree. Nevertheless, Obama spoon fed us lies about his family tree in Africa. Even his alleged half-brother in Kenya wants a DNA test because he doubts their blood brothers. Obama gave us a yule (nativity) story concerning his counterfeit biography of his father. The reason why he lied to cover it up is more interesting than the lie itself. I will expose it latter.

When religious cults instruct their followers to repeat lies about daughters not wanting to claim their dads the chickens will come home to roost. Exhibit A:

A. Sarah Mae Manning, the Mother of Louis Farrakhan, names Louis Walcott as the father of LF in 1933. Hiding away the secret that Percival Clarke, a white man from Jamaica rumored to be Jewish was his real dad. Sarah tried unsuccessfully to abort Louis with a clothes hanger three times. On his birth certificate he has the same name as Louis Walcott but isn’t called Jr signifying son of. This would repeat itself with Obama’s infamous birth certificate too (Prophet of Rage By Arthur J. Magida p.9-10).

B. Ann Dunham is Obama’s mother. She gave birth to him in 1961 naming him Barack Hussein Obama II and not Jr because it confers son of. Obama’s real dad is Frank Marshall Davis. All of Davis kids especially Mark and Lynn strikingly looks like Obama from head to toe. Davis was a Superfreak, Atheist and Bi-sexual, who took pictures of Ann nude. Davis also wrote poems about Ann and his sexual adventures with her in his book Sex Rebel: Black in Chapter 7 .I refer you to the documentary film by Maverick director and journalist Joel Gilbert’s Dreams from my Real father and his website has all of the juicy pictures and secret letters as supporting evidence. Obama like his real dad would engage in sex with other men like Larry Sinclair and Donald Young from Rev wright’s gay choir until multiple gunshots sealed his lips.

Here are some pictures of documents below of the Birth certificates:

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