Black Poetry : Yo I itch for cake which states I’m clever at many a party but if ever


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May 11, 2006
Yo I itch for cake which states I’m clever at many a party but if ever
Anybody discover my goal it would uncover my soul and I’ll never
Survive this jive, will be kicked to the curve if I don’t know any slick
Words, my pride would disappear not good to collide with fear a chick
Trying to figure me out my ambitions grown bigger no doubt need a fix
From the sexual standpoint my plan is to anoint her with love words quick
And this club is like a hardcore bar and what’s more bizarre is her round
Hips and lips renown I sit down to have sips of beer up in here a pound
Of butter do exists because her body is lickable and inexplicable yall
Wanna grab her waist and place her lace on the bed make a phone call
Got a perfume thirst in the universe of love girl bought her purse to the club
Didn’t give a dern, live and learn to get plenty cake at any rate stay above
The rim like 2pak this is true art so I keep my head up when I feel misled
I duck, my punch lines feed cats at lunchtime in the form of chips and bread
Stuff rip heads open like hospital surgeons, got a bubbly flow and doubly so
When I drink champagne but a **** shame to get drunk best be sober yo
My flow stays in those days when spirits were brave and lyrics saved the world
Wanted to be hurling tragic using MERLIN magic and dragons puffed and whirl-
Winds of fire appear and caused tons of strife had to run for your life the fire
Will track you down as it attack the ground and burn grass turn it to ash, hire
A fire truck
write phat rhymes at no time in the past have I been too fast to criticize , witty and wise //
verse, not ever my plot too clever for that endeavors phat like adventures so recognize //
concerned about my luck and must turn up and not for a moment sleep on this really some //
deep ish so yall peep this I keep a list of these whack cats, now let's see many are dumb //
my master flow is like the after glow tame the best and remain //
in the west after the sun gone down, use strong nouns aimed //
to pound brains, my heart on fire that's part my desire for //
a chick quick my flow bizarre, but go too far with love in a bar //
in the game never rushes see girl aflame with blushes have a car //
in the parking lot with the top dropped, and this is BLACK HIPHOP //
in VIRGINIA BEACH, soar eat candy pour brandy over steak flip it lot //
and set it aflame suspicious how delicious this is, like fiery hot sauce //
got wiry plot that's boss and my diary got tossed, having fun is amazing //
and its never guns blazing a ton of cows grazing in the grass it's praising //
to have beef


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