Black People Politics : Yet Another Top African American Staffer Departs RNC


Aug 28, 2015
The Republican National Committee's Director of African American outreach is leaving the organization.

Kristal Quarker-Hartsfield is the highest ranking African American at the Republican National Committee and is responsible for strategy around the African American vote. NBCBLK has learned that Quarker-Hartsfield's official last day at the RNC will be April 1.

This marks the second big departure at the Republican National Committee in the last few weeks. NBCBLK first reported the departure of Orlando Watson, the Republican National Committee's Communications Director of Black Media, who left on March 4.

A source close to Quarker-Hartsfield confirmed that she is taking a high level job with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan as his Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

NBCBLK has reached out to the RNC by phone and email, but has not yet received comment.

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