Black Poetry : Yesterday's Dance


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Oct 4, 2003
There you were looking like
you had just rolled out of bed
Sitting on the stoop waiting for me, we'd been
out of touch for years, I still can't believe what you said...

"Can I take you to the prom?", you stammered
trying to control your voice
I stumbled, "No, but thank you," because I was so
shocked and shy, not because you were a bad choice

We went our separate ways in life
Years passed, and I heard a sorrowful tale
The boy who tried to take me to the prom
was spending over 20 years in jail

It seems in your youth you hung out with
the crowd labeled as "wrong"
Someone was shot, the story goes you didn't do it
but took the rap for so, so long

I heard of your release, and was of course relieved
but saddened about all the wasted years
What do you do with freedom that was denied, do you
thank God, or become consumed with anger and tears?

I hope you have some semblance of happiness, I hope
you have the love of family and friends to get you through
And I was thinking, if I ever were to see you again
this time, I would have a question for you

Remember me? I never went to that prom, it would
have been fun had I given you a chance
I would appreciate it, it would be an honor if you'd oblige,
what I mean is, brother, can I have this dance?

And we would dance, oh we'd dance to those memorable tunes
Finger pop to "Jungle Boogie" break a sweat to "Flashlight"
Catch our breath while slow dancing to "One in a Million You"
and have the live version of "Reasons" on repeat for half the night

Wouldn't it be grand if we could linger in that teenage farewell
fast forward past the mistakes to the wisdom of now?
I'd try to conjure up all the joy and serenity
that a dance down memory lane can allow

But in reality this prom would end... Hope you had
a great time, for I really tried my best
It took some years, but we finally had that dance
Thank you so much for accepting my request...
Wow Sis Watz! I am speechless! I felt like I was there...maybe I wasn't at your stoop but possibly on my own front porch! I think we've all had one (or more) of these moments that we've looked back on and wondered....

But you just layed this out so sweetly, so real, so masterfully! I've got goosebumps!

Going back to read it again.....
Thank you queent, this piece has been dancing in my head for a while, and I finally decided to put thoughts to paper. Yes, some dances are a whole lot more, thank you sis.
You humble me, LovesDestiny. Some of this really happened (not the actual dance though, lol). And I appreciate you highlighting those lines you loved. Extra nice to read you twice, thank you.


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