Black Poetry : YESTERDAY


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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles

In their due time, someone was born yesterday
A new mother was wearied and worn yesterday
Somebody’s heart was ripped and torn yesterday
Someone had to grieve and mourn yesterday
Someone ate from Gods’ plenteous horn yesterday
And the hungry went without corn yesterday
Embittered and jaded lovers were given to scorn yesterday
Somebody shaved their head and was shorn yesterday

For the first time somebody saw the birds fly yesterday
For the last time someone saw blue sky yesterday
Somebody came out of a coma and bated an eye yesterday
To escape their pain, somebody got high yesterday
Confused, somebody asked why yesterday
A teacher encouraged a child to try yesterday
A father chastised his child and made ‘em cry yesterday
A mother wiped a weeping child’s cheeks dry yesterday

Someone reached their destination yesterday
Someone gave up in resignation yesterday
Somebody saw the light and received salvation yesterday
And someone received their reward of eternal damnation yesterday
Someone was delivered from condemnation yesterday
Someone suffered from a form of sensory deprivation yesterday
Somebody received emancipation yesterday
Somebody preached reparations yesterday

Somebody checked out of humanity yesterday
Someone lost their mind and was introduced to insanity yesterday
Somebody fell into the trap of vanity yesterday
Somebody uttered words of profanity yesterday
Somebody got bold and had the audacity … yesterday
Someone sunk to a new low in depravity yesterday
Somebody’s hope went in the direction of gravity yesterday
Someone found out that they had potential and capacity yesterday

Somebody gave up the ghost and died yesterday
Somebody gave up and committed suicide yesterday
At a funeral, someone took their last ride yesterday
Somebody buried their mother and cried yesterday
Somebody went without, because of pride yesterday
Someone got hurt because somebody lied yesterday
Somebody got in trouble and went on to hide yesterday
Someone let the water wash their feet from the tide yesterday

Somebody sang the blues yesterday
Somebody got some bad news yesterday
Somebody buckled down and paid dues yesterday
Somebody read about Muslims and Jews yesterday
Somebody won, and someone had to loose yesterday
Somebody messed up and misread cues yesterday
A husband and wife had a differing point of view yesterday
A little baby learned their ones and twos yesterday

Somebody had a fever and the chills yesterday
Somebody couldn’t pay their bills yesterday
Some people wrote out their wills yesterday
Somebody overdosed on pills yesterday
Someone screamed in shrieks and shrills yesterday
Someone had the strength to make it up some hills yesterday
Some adventure seeker sought their thrills yesterday
Someone made messes and had to clean up spills yesterday

Yesterday, real life happened to all of the living
Whether good or bad, right or wrong … whatever mishaps or misgivings
The life that we live has been given to us, on time that we borrow
What happened yesterday, will happen today and tomorrow
Today was promised to no man, as was yesterday the day before
But for those who slept yesterday and woke up today, God gave one more
Once more chance to get it right and learn from lessons along the way
And if we live to see another sunrise, then today will be tomorrows yesterday

Written by: Charles
© 2008
Wow. The way you used rhyme scheme in each verse, and the repetition of the word "yesterday", made the piece flow so smooth and forceful. And your message, that if God blesses you with another day, try to make the most of it, for tomorrow isn't promised, is one that we need to hear. How often we take time for granted. Fabulous.


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