Black Poetry : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and Onwards (A Poem to D. Lewis)

marcus j

Dec 16, 2008
Highland Springs, VA
This is a poem I wrote directly from my heart to D. Lewis during my English after the day he died. He was a football player, who was loved by many. Yesterday (11/29/11), he was walkin' from his track practice on a dark street, and around the Daylight Savings Time 6:00pm, he was ran over by a SUV. The whole school was devastated by this tragedy. So this is a poem to D. Lewis... written on 11/30/11 in Highland Springs High School: Home of the Springers.

Yesterday, we lost you in a tragic and devastatingly brutal accident.
So innocent were you, walking on the darkest street.
And like a rapid jet plane, you were gone and left behind a sonic boom.

Today, we're mourning your loss, instead of enjoying life with you with an accent.
We were anticipating anxiously to see you and our fellow Springers at the track meets.
But instead you were moving towards your doom.

But tomorrow, we will be stronger from your absence.
The true Springers will rise and multiply into fleets.
And we will dynamically dominate the work in our classrooms.

Onwards to the life after the acknowledgement.
The life after your death will be joyful not bleak.
We were hurt yesterday and today, but tomorrow and onwards... we will bloom.


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