Poetry Critiques : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Aug 20, 2005
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Inspirational feeling as if the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow
Has arrested and handcuffed the blues no more pain tears or sorrows
You help everyone thoughts of satisfaction you are not alone
Shouting glory be to the Most High yes the former blues are gone

Blessed to feel love and compaction for others so deeply
Giving as the sun gives light and life to the nine planets freely
Without prejudice, personal preference be it right or wrong
Sounds of a symphony playing an awesome universal love song

Touched on there axels causing them to rotate at the same rate of speed
Listen to the rhythm of God’s music true and pure divinity indeed
Each receiving its solar potion of substance equally and evenly
Make no mistake this is the work of sweet harmony so heavenly

Be still and intake the oneness of the powerful creator
A vibration similar to love making’s peak to the tenth power and greater
You are experiencing a taste of many heights of spirituality
To increase it takes a mental effect of submission for that is the key

Controlling the physical takes self mastery it is the doorway entered
Study nature surrender the lower self to the higher to be mentored
Ensuring the awakening of the illusion that blinds one of the reality
To the pathway of a non- destructive being in charge of his/her destiny

I like the flow where is this poem going and do tell what is the point
Into the heart because the mind is the reason we have messed up the joint
Take hold to the message in this piece keep it near and dear a comforting ease
For there is a saying in life watch out things always happen in three’s

Just maybe yesterday, today and tomorrow are simultaneously
Working for you and me by the originator the Almighty!


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