Omowale Jabali : Yeshua (Jesus) the "Black" Messiah?

omowalejabali said:
Jesus Christ (Yeshuah) was a descendant of Solomon, and Solomon was a Black man; Yeshuah was none other that a "colored" man himself. There is ZERO scriptural evidence that links Christ to the caucasian line. It was Rahab, who birthed Boaz, and then Boaz begot Obed and Obed begot Jesse, and Jesse begot David and David begot Solomon etc.

How could it be said that Jesus Christ was white when David and Solomon were not white?

The ENTIRE "Hebrew" people or race at that time were offspring of Black (so-called Negro) WOMEN. Even the "Arabs" were the offspring of a Black woman, the Khemetic Hagar.

We must remember that the "Hebrews" spent over four hundred years under the soverigns of Black Egypt (Hamitic through Mizraim) where there occurred extensive miscegenation. Furthermore, they were carried off into captivity by the people of Babylonia, Assyria, Greece, Persia and Rome. Therefore, to believe that the so-called "Israelites" were genetically PURE is plainly absurd!

The Davidic line of whom Christ the Messiah descended, was of mixed blood (flesh) through Noah's sons Shem and Ham. (Acts 17:26).

omowalejabali said:
When we trace the life of Yeshuah from His birth, there is little chronology on His childhood. However, Luke spoke of Him at the age of twelve as He exchanged words of wisdom with a few wise men (Luke 2:46). Apart from this in the Canon of the Scriptures, much is unknown about His life untile He was about 30 years of age at His baptism (Luke 3:22).

From the age of 30 years, following His baptism, for the next 3 1/2 years Yeshuah ministered touching the lives of many and performing many miracles. The name Jesus means "saviour" and was a common name derived from the ancinet "Hebrew" Jehoshua.

The title Christ (Krist) means "appointed", consecrated, sacred" and is used only for the Messiah, who came in fullfillment of the Prophecy. The prophecy, from the time of "Moses", holds up to view an illustirous person who was to appear and should belong to the highest order of being. Since then, the name of the Eternal One is His, and He is also called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father that He should assume human nature and be born of a virgin of the family of David in Bethlehem of Judea and His Mission should be the salvation of HIS People and ALL MANKIND (Isaiah 49:6), that He should de despised and rejected of HIS People, be cut off but not for Himself.

Jesus (Yeshuah) is the Fulfillment of the above Prophesy from His birth to His death.

omowalejabali said:
The idea of the divine origin of kings in ETHIOPIA, NUBIA AND EGYPT, is very old and it appears to have been INDIGENOUS.

According to a legend given in the WESTCAR PAPYRUS in Berlin, three of the great kings of the 5th dynasty in Egypt were the sons of the GOD RA by the wife of a high priest and before the close of that dynasty every king called himself "son of Ra". Many a king of Egypt states in his inscriptions that he reigned "in the egg", i.e. before he was born, and we are to understand that the egg was deposited in his mother by the form of the Sun-god, who was his father. Some of the soverigns of the 18th dynasty, certainly those who were the nominees of priests of AMEN, were declared to be the actual children of AMEN, and to be of His substance. On the walls of the famous temple which the architect SENMUT built for Queen Hatshepsut in Western Thebes, there is a series of bas-reliefs in which the god AMEN is seen companying with the mother of that Queen, and Hatshepsut regarded herself as AMEN's daughter.

This is the fundamental basis of the account of Yeshuah's birth, which is of Egyptian (Khemetic) ORIGIN, not Babylonian, Assyrian, or "Hebrew".


In the Temple of Luxor there are bas-reliefs of a similar character and the GOD AMEN is seen occupying the couch of the queen who became by him the mother of Amenhetep III. This king was so thoroughly convinced of his divine origin that he caused an effigy of himself to be sculptured on the walls of the temple of SULB in the Egyptian Sudan, together with the figures of the great gods of Egypt. In fact, he shared the worship of the people with the gods and goddesses of Egypt.

It is from this Divine lineage of Amenophis III that modern "egyptologists" trace the lineage of the so-called "Hebrew" Pharaohs, to the extant of equating Amenophis III with "Solomon".


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