Chief Elder Osiris : Yes We Can And Must Not Abandon Afrika And Black Afrikan People!!!

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What Afrikan Is Out To Win A popularity contest among the Afrikan Americans, a People who no longer have love for self, Not Me Beloved.

    As I watched Americans Elect Barack Obama I watched with a mental solace that re- enforced my love and commitment to Afrika and the Black Afrika Afrikan People as I remain stranded here in America watching America write its own selfish script that represent America vindication of all of the evil and wrong done and is still doing to the Children of the middle passage and to Afrika and the Afrika Black Afrikans.

    As the American Media was showing the Americans celebrating Barack Presidential victory, the Media shifted to the claimed Barack Father Afrika Village in Kenya and even when the sisters and brothers in Kenya and no doubt in other parts of Afrika was doing their celebration as well, I could not help but notice the sharp visual and physical contrast between the area and people who were celebrating for the same cause which was that An Afrikan Biracial American had been selected as President of America and it was that contrast of the visual difference in condition of the two land and the same but mental difference of the Afrikan people that caused my eyes to well up, tears of a different reason than the tears I saw streaming from the eyes of the Afrikan American over the fact that Barack is now President select of America.

    I watched Reverend TD Jakes and the likes thereof as they gave their rendition about how they was feeling toward America for electing Mr. Obama as President and I could not help but to notice that they were speaking in such a way to imply the sentiments of all the Children of Afrika here in America who are here by way of the middle passage and to imply by America selecting Barack Obama President it serve as a vindication of America for all of the evil done to Afrika and our Enslaved Ancestors and the Afrikan American boldly states, because of the selecting of President in waiting Obama Black Folks as of now have no grievance with America, as if to say that all Afrikans in America here by way of the middle passage must now bury the thoughts of our Enslaved Ancestors and all of the Hell America rain down upon them, all because America has now given to her self an Afrikan Biracial President that is recognized as being a Afrikan American President which is to acknowledge and I concur that the Black Afrikan Blood of Barack Obama DNA serve to be dominant enough to warrant him to be referred as America Black President which I concur on that basis alone.

    Tell me how can any Proud Black Afrikan in America at no choosing of your own allow America to determine what is to be America punishment for the way America did in fact treat our Enslaved Ancestors, a Punishment caused and styled for her amusement.

    I have always thought that a punishment in an effort to vindicate a wrong committed against others was to serve to cause discomfort to the criminal and not to the criminal amusement as America has done by selecting Barack Obama to be President of the United States of America, which is no more the way the America founding Fathers founded it to be during the Time America Held our Ancestors to be America Slaves to those Founding white folks Fathers.

    So what is the so call Afrikan America is claiming the Black so call Afrikan should do today about that part of America History which still need to be addressed before any kind of vindication of America action that was perpetrated against Black people and was brought to America against their will.

    Here you have the Afrikan Americans all dressed up in their brand New American Mind telling Black People who will not reconcile with America for what Americans have done to Black People to be quite, the Afrikan American tell Black People to forget about our sojourn to america, let go of the past, all of that is in the past, well Beloved do you not know that the past is a prologue OF THE PRESENT?

    Tell me beloved do we Black People in America here not by choice have a say about what should serve as America repentance, America vindication, and America conciliatory action?

    Tell me, is it enough to allow an America Afrikan into the White House and make claim that the Debt slate is now wiped clean and from this day forward that Black Folks in America, here by way of the middle passage no longer has a grievance with America, all because America has written the script and has acted it out and now all is to be forgotten and forgiven by Black People in America, is that the example now set by America for all of the Oppressing forces of Black People to follow?

    Tell me, do not the victim of a crime have a say about the quality of punishment the criminal must pay and suffer for the crime committed or is it when it come to Black People Victimization that Black People are not to be afforded such a privileged Divine Right to act in their behalf in determining the fate of those responsible for causing Black people to be a victim of the deplorable action to cause such pain and discomfort to the lives of Black People and in this case which was caused by America.

    Must we now cry out paid in full to America because of Americans selection of Barack Obama to be the President of America?

    I desire Barack Obama To Remain Safe and to do Well but that does not erase the fact that America remain indebted to our Enslaved Ancestors and I will not take that albatross of a debt from around America neck until America show some honor and respect to our Enslaved Ancestors by compensating to them the Reparation owed to them, an act of America vindication that Black Folks demand and America must not play a part in determining the quality of punishment to be measured out to them regarding the crime America committed against our Enslaved Ancestors.

    So I must say to you Afrikan Americans Melting pot dwellers, you have no say in the matter of our Enslaved Ancestors because you no longer function with the warrior Mind of our Enslaved Ancestors and most certainly not of the Divine mind of our Ancient First Way Ancestors.

    Tell me, who gave you Afrikan Americans the right to declare the death of the Garvey Black Nationalist, who gave you the authority to determine the goal and objective of all of the children of the middle passage, who gave you the right to demean Afrika and to disrespect the Sisters and brothers in Afrika, do you not know that Afrika has every right to become Afrika again and that the Afrikan Black Nation has every right to become a delightful thriving civilization again and to be so, based upon their own terms and to be constructed by the Muscle and Might of our own independent Mind?

    The Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers have clearly established that the Enemy that stand at the gate of Afrika and Black People liberation is none other than the Afrikan American and you do so as your hand clutch the twelve pieces of silver representing the worth of your Mind action that guide you to deny the right of Afrika becoming Afrika again and Black People becoming a United Afrikan Nation again, serving in power and authority over the land of all of Afrika.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Again I submit to and honor the president select, but I do so not with my mind eye wide shut but with it Divinely Open.

    So you Afrikan Americans can take this I share or you may leave it alone, yet I remain committed to that I do know and that is, Afrika Is For The Afrikan ,And Is Deserving To Be Able To Rise Again In All Of Her Splendor.

    Today there are two Black so call Afrikans in America, one Afrikan American And The Other is Black Afrikan In America in pursuit of Afrika and the Black Nation Liberation, a goal a sick minded Afrikan American can not visualize, yet you declare that the Black Nationalist Garveyite Be Silent and grieve no more over what happen to our Enslaved Ancestors, only a fool would make such a declaration to those Black Folks in America that Love Afrika and have a clear and factual knowledge of self and have no problem with the volume of Melanin that we carry in our DNA which give an eternal infinite shade of Darkness to our Pigmented colorless Mind.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Mobement
    The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism/Reparation/