Black Spirituality Religion : Yes We Are Living in Gotham City Now!

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    I’m looking to my right seeing deadly aftershocks more powerful than earthquakes. Looking to my left seeing cyclones murder like the black plague. In front of me the price of gas is rising rapid like dark smoke from tall smokestacks clouding the economy along with the hope in people’s minds. Yes, I can’t help but say it’s real. Yes, Gotham City is real and we’re living in it. It seems like such a fictional place in the movies but with all the turmoil the world is in it’s possible for fiction to become alive and walk into the realm of reality on two legs.

    Now I’m staring harder because with every Gotham City comes a Joker.
    Riding with him with the Great American Hope or as the oldies used to put it “Money, Money, Money!” Yes, we’ve just seen the Joker just like in the movie in our very own government. The slinging out of tons of money to us in the forms of government checks in all attempts to throw a Band-Aid on the darker situation.

    Nevertheless, there comes a point in all of this when the music stops. The moneys soon spent and as Al Green used to say the “Thrill is gone!” Then we’re once again back faced with the question. Who you gonna trust? On one hand the Joker’s screaming me. I’m giving you dough! On the other hand he’s protesting against Batman and a hope we’ve never seen. Truthfully, it’s easy to accept his argument of I’m here and now. Him being very tangible like the decked out green pimp of dollar bill. Something we can put our hands on fast. However, like the people of Gotham perhaps we’re too easily persuaded by the quick fix of money. As a consequence we too might crash, be sprawled out across the streets and find ourselves running for our lives. Yes, the Joker or shall I say these government checks is just that, a joke. In the end the gas is still going to get us just like those people screaming in the movie.

    Yet, there’s still a light in the darkness because for every evil there is a good and for every villain there is a hero. I believe Jesus is our Batman. In the midst of our troubles he too is sitting atop the tall buildings staring down at the chaos. He is our last hope and even though things are as bad as they are Jesus like Batman is still willing to come to our rescue. What I’m telling you is that we don’t have to fall for the money, but what we do have to fall for is an answer. If you’ve been on this Earth a little while you should know money can’t solve everything. Sometimes you need something greater than yourself. Sometimes you need a hero.

    Just like Batman Jesus doesn’t always come right away because he wants us to trust him first. In Gotham City when all hope was lost the people turned on a light. It was called the Bat Signal and the people of Gotham used it to call Batman in their dire time of need. We don’t have a huge Light with the metal ornament of a huge bat adorning its top but what we do have is three little words on the back of the Joker’s money that says “In God We Trust” This is our Bat Signal and if we truly believe this and have faith then our incredible hope is on the way. All we have to do now is light it up! As Commissioner Gordon would say. Simply quit trusting in money to solve problems but look to the heavens from which comes our help. Brothers & Sisters let’s quit putting our hands out and put them together so we can lift up our prayers like the Bat Signal and Call on our Savior Jesus The Dark Knight with the Light!
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    holy confusion,jesus is batman??..then who is bruce wayne??[smile]i'm just being silly,but i hear what you're saying and as strong as the power of prayer is when the bills come due it wouldn't be bad to have some of the joker's money.