Black Poetry : Yes This Girl

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    Savor every kiss from this girl
    Erased old interests off the list for this girl
    Its only be 4hrs but I already miss this girl
    I'll will move earth for this girl
    Show my value and worth to this this girl
    Thank God for the one who gave birth to this girl
    I'm Sprung for this girl
    Knowing I'm over 40 dressing young for this girl
    A man work is never done for this girl
    This bell that ringing can't be un-rung for this girl
    If she was white and these was slavery days I would get hung for this girl
    Got me cutting the grass for this girl
    Taking out the trash for this girl
    Working on a bright future and forget the past for this girl
    TO ME They all come DEAD last to this girl
    Some thing I already know and no need to ask this girl
    My chest is a open book, like glass for this girl
    I'd rearrange the stars to shine brighter for this girl
    I carry the load to make life lighter for this girl
    I know I'm ghetto but ill even act whiter from this girl.

    To put it plainly...
    I love this girl
    She means the world, this girl
    My prayers was answered when I was introduced to this girl
    Pure love is produced for this girl
    I'm gonna bend over backwards for this girl
    Nothing is to akward for this girl
    For this Girl, this girl right here, right here is whom I'll forever love this girl.