Black Poetry : yep I still got words

outside it’s really mild and hazy
in here we are still equal parts crazy
i had Him confused but i love my baby
truly we deserve each other
cause we carry on like no other
sometimes creating a huge mess
then cleaning it up cause we’re blessed
and no other brother can shine light in my eyes
it is only your gaze that has me mesmerized
my fingers’ current has tiny ripples
can’t wait to massage your temples
play on you like you’re a swing at the park
let my body sing to yours like it’s a lark
then rock you in my arms until you’re fast asleep
dare the crickets and bullfrogs to make a peep
i am truly a romantic who is quite sappy
always trying to think of things to make you happy
where we meet is of no concern
as long as the flame of our love still burns
and yes I’m aware you want some
of my glazed honey buns
wanna sniff my perfume and breast
and oh yeah wanna lift my dress
kiss my face while playing with my lace
from out of space
as your rocket takes off in my socket
for this to happen hear me lover
better have a rabbit’s foot, a four leaf clover
a ring and a preacher in your pocket
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your chick got fortitude
no matter the longitude
and latitude don’t mean to be crude
just trying to tell you
my dress is down true
to reach nirvana with -view
we won’t always need to screw
for me to make love to you
I don’t have tricks up my sleeve but have skill
don’t always need to pelvic dance to make you feel
things I know to do are warm and cute
and will return a boy back to parade rest
after he salute
don’t worry your chick got this
and will make this experience totally different
not looking for a weekend pass
need our relationship to last
yeah finding out I love to rap
and my quotes are not crap
they’re filled with real true facts
rhyme off the top of my dome
cause wanna be the queen of your home
and keep the desire in your brains strong
by stringing and bringing sweet verbs along
the only thing I know to be satisfyingly true
is all these words and my love are only for you


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