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    Comprehend this!
    The strength of mind required to dismiss all fears and all signs of nervousness
    To boldly go beyond, where few have gone before.

    And hear how I manoeuvred my lyrical sword in the heat of the battle,
    I'll paint images for you so you can view through my eyes too.

    for me to overstand the process of performance poetry. To explain this experience I travelled through time to zero AD.
    Upon my arrival – I asked about venues for performance, this lead me to become a gladiator to test my talents lying dormant.

    As I stood in the tunnel of the gladiatorial arena with my sword in its sheath, thoughts of performing had me shaking like a leaf…briefly…before my hands started to perspire, goose pimples on my arms as I felt my soul on fire. My breathing lost its rhythm as my chest began to tighten, my heart beat rapidly as if I'd just been frightened. It was then that I felt the hairs on my neck uncurl and stand to attention, the signal for me to enter my hookupman like dimension.
    I stepped out into the arena and the crowd let out a roar, and at the same time opponent number one stepped out onto the floor. It was none other than that weak gladiator…’Nervousness’, coming out to try and infest my chest in order to suppress my lyrical finesse.THEN I SAID .......YAWL READY FOE SOME POETRY MUFUCKAS

    Not one for defensive manoeuvres – Nervousness tried to attack me immediately, he thrust his sword straight at my sternum. I heard his supporters in the crowd shouting, "burn him." But little did they know that I had practiced my flow, I merely sidestepped Nervousness and issued my own blow…fwpppt.

    I cut him to the deep with the sharpness of my delivery, there was no hesitation, no stumbling, just thoughts of chivalry. Nervousness proceeded to recede at a great pace so that he'd survive to battle 'I and I' in another dimension of time and space.

    As I turned to the centre of the arena…the frenzied cheers of the crowd suddenly became muted… an apparition had appeared and was taking physical form drawing from the diluted, grains of sand predominant in all the land, and when the metamorphosis was complete – its stature was truly grand. It was none other than… ‘Fear’ himself.

    I instantly put my hand to the hilt of my sword, Fear issued the warning "THEN I SAID .......YAWL READY FOE SOME MO POETRY MUFUCKAS
    challenge was set, the atmosphere was electric and quiet was kept.

    Fear waved his hands as if issuing a spell, this seemed to do nothing, or if it did nobody could tell. I knew what he had done for I felt it seeping into me, Fear had sent his emissary…’Dry Mouth’…to weaken me internally.

    I hurriedly drew my sword, but that's as far as I did get, for Fear had also issued ‘Paralysis’ and through my body he now swept. Fear whispered words with low resonance so only I could hear, "Just give up and bow down to me and I'll be out of here." BUT AGAIN I SAID .......YAWL READY FOE YET SOME MO POETRY MOFUCKA'S

    I looked upon Fear, then looked onwards into the crowd, sitting there were my two sisters ‘Joy’ who was deeply subdued and ‘Hope’ who was shouting loud. And in between the two was my beloved ‘Serenity’, calm and unruffled knowing just how to lift me. And that is why I put the ring on her finger and now call her wifey. She can view a situation then further enlighten me.

    From where she sat I lip read what she said, "Hookup, to conquer Fear you need only use your head, for you hold the power you hold the key, to defeat Fear and set yourself free."

    Often when Serenity speaks to me she doesn't mean it literally, but on this occasion I felt the need to look at my hands instantly, for time was ticking and Paralysis was picking up the speed at which he chose to feed upon my person.

    Now in my hand was my mic and as I looked upon it, stagelight reflected off one edge as brightly as it shone on it. A word was moulded into the edge of it like a blade, and when I first saw it I did an action replay. Then it all became clear to me - what I had to do to set myself free, to defeat Fear, Paralysis, and Dry Mouth too, in one instant I could destroy a whole crew.

    For the word on the edge of the mic blade was…’Confidence’, I merely had to project it with nonchalance. but the ? on my mind was still...
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    Awesome! Awesome write Brother!
    Amazing how you captured the
    mental state of ones first performance
    before a crowd of on lookers!!!

    This is definately Tyte!!!!!
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    ~The hidden library...~

    ...ok, I'm starting the Fan Club today... :coffee: / I see it's gonna be necessary
    if you're gonna be dropping flows like this... :spinstar:

    You're not only a poet but a creative writer.../ this piece was so full of imagery
    and energy..../ the gladiator analogy was wonderful.../ Love the way
    you conveyed the tension of performance art...One either loves the stage
    or doesn't...either way, fear is a constant battle...

    Incredible... :spinstar:

    I loved it... :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
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    So much for stage fright, you definitely rocked the house with your lyrical prowess. Bravo and encore!!!