Black Spirituality Religion : Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ , Found In Egipt Part One

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    What's sad is so many years have passed that most of today's Jews , Christians , and Muslims , by which ever deomination or name they go by . sect or cult . doesn't even know that their religion was grafted from Egipt . Like the Greeks who came there to study . The Roman also came to Egipt during the Ptolemy Dynasty and the Hebrews under the name Hyksos or the many tribes of Canaan . Like the Amorites and the Hittites took from Egipt and created their religion and spoon fed it to you .

    Where The Egiptians Civilized That Far Back ? Abolutely not . the Egiptian were never civilized . To be civilized is to claim that you were '' Uncivil at some point in time . ( The Egiptian Were The Civilizers ) . Am I saying '' All Religion And Cultures And Secret Fraternities Came From Egipt . Yes . They all got their teaching in one form or another from the Egiptians . Even the sacred societies , such as Freemasons and the Rosicrucians . Astaras , Theosphical Society , Odd Fellows .

    Knights of Columbus and their many offshoots take their roots back to Egipt . But in time , the racism settled in and the Caucasians , The Indians , and the Mongoloids didn't want to admit to the world that they were educated by Nubians / Negroids , Egiption Moors . so they took name . titles place and gave birth to what you're calling your cultures and religion today . What Group Was Most Responsible For These Corrup-tions ?

    The most influential in your bible stories came from a group known as the '' Heka - Khasut or Hyksos who lived in Egipt for 430 years they took the Egiptian doctrine back to the Middle East . Mixed it with Sumerian doctrine and bred what you're calling your religion today . Just How Did They Do This ? They changed names , slightly altered stories confused incidents , andmislead souls, a Luciferian Conspiracy . by a group known as the Levitical preiests .

    Their texts are called the Kabblah , the Talmud . the Mishnah . They were Leviathanians . and one of their most outstanding Kohans, priest was named Josephus Flavius Piso 37-97 A.D. also known as Joseph Ben Mathaias . One of their best tactics was translating from classical languages back to dialects so that the true meanings and roots could not be traced andmany were unable to see the Egiptian language in the Semetic or Shemetic language of the scriptures . Hebrew and Arabic , Which are two false dialects , and in actuality don't even exist . The New Tesament , and Christianity were all creations of Calpurnius Piso's family .

    Who were roman aristo-crats . It was all a play . The New Testament and all the characters in it . including Jesus , all the Josephs . All the characters and they tied the story into a specific time and place in history . Just What Did This Demonic Priest Josephus Flavius Piso Do ? You have to trace his history carefully to catch the trick . He is recorded as being a Jewish historian and a soldier in the Jewish revolt against the Romans 66 A.D. After this betrayal . he won the favor of a Roman General Vespasian .

    Who Authorized The Play ? The play was authorized by a historiannamed Arius Calpurnius Piso ; but originally Joseph Ben Mathaias . whose pen name was Flavius Josephus ( 37 A.D. - 93 A.D. ) The name Piso was supposedly derived from the Latin word '' Pistror '' which originally meant '' one who ground have a miller or baker '' . Piso was the most promineth family in the calpurnian clan .This man . Piso . along with other roman scribes is the true author of your bible . They created the stories and the characters ; as previously stated . they tied the story into a specific time and place in history .

    Arius Calpurnius Piso wrote in order the following the Gospel of Matthew 70-75 C.E. gospel of Mark 75-80 C.E. andthe gospel of Luke 85 -90 C.E. in the gospel story . Piso inserted himself by playing the role not only of Jesus , but of all the Josephs . as well . He practically enjoyed assuming the identity of Joseph . He wished to create a Jewish hero . a savior . in fictional form . He and his father before him , felt the identity of a second Joseph secretly . rearranged . as the four Hebrew letters ( Yud Vov Samech Fey ) . which in that language spelled the name Joseph .

    Thus , they saw themselves as the new Joseph . That is why so much of the story of Joseph in Egipt is secretly redone and inserted into the gospel story of Jesus . Piso created a composite figure of Jesus . He inserted , redrawn pictures of Joseph in Egipt , and other Jews of the bible ; elements from Essenic writings ; and characteristic of various pagan gods . Piso gods . Plagiarized the Hebrew scriptures . He especially borrowed from Isaiah whose 44th chapter was most helpful to him because that iswhere he received most of his ideas of Jesus being Emmanuel ( Isaiah 7;14 ) . His idea of making Jesus a god to whom everyone bowed , worshipped ,

    and prayer to , came from Isaih . Later they created a second hero by the name of Paul . and made him fulfill the acts that they forgot to have Jesus fulfill in the synoptic gospel . So Joseph Was Really Calpurnius Piso ? By now you should OverStand that Josephus was really Calpurnius Piso and that hewas the founder and Author of the Jesus story . Joseph wrote himself as the father , as Jesus , as his three sons and as the three main disciples . Calpumius piso inserted himself and his family repeatedly by number and other methods into the Gospels . He was the leader of the play and had most of the important parts because he wanted to have power over the Jews .

    So now you see . the whole Jesus story is fallse and so is the Christian doctrine . Then What Did He Do ? He altered history m changed books , fabricated stories and played games with his specialty language . Some of his works were History of the Jewish war . Antiquity of the Jews , and Against Apion ( a defense of the Jews ) . He took on Roman citizenship , because of their influence in the world and became the governor of Galilee which was his original home and first language Galilean .

    What Does Him Being A Galilean Jew Who Became A Roman Have To Do With It ? EveryThing , because hewas an associate of Paul's teaching which was to deviate from the original Hebraic teaching and combine them with Roman and mythology such as the changing his name from Saul to Paul ( Act 13;9) elimination of circumcision ( Acts 21;21 ) and disregard for the Sabbath and finally breaking the blood code or the seed code , mixing in with other group like the Romans . This is unlike the teaching of Jesus who claim that he only came to his own people ( Matthew 15;27 ) .

    Was He Responsible For The Corruption Of The Original Teachings ? That is correct by creating a fictition story an incident of fire worship through the holy ghost found in ( Acts 2;3 ) . About speaking in tongues and being filled with the holy ghost on the day of Pentecost altering it from the Jewish jubilee and he said the language spoken amongst them was Galilean ( Acts 2;7 ) . A form of Arabic which later became a host of other language into which the doctrine could be translated and the true meaning lost ( Acts 2;9--11 ) . Act 2;7 identifies the language at that time as Galilean ,

    but then it is broken up into ( 1 ) Parthian ( Egiptian ( 2 ) Medes , ( Persian )
    ( 3 ) Elam ( Syretic ) . ( 4 ) Mesopotamia ( Chaldean ) . ( 5 ) Judea ( Phoenician ) ( 6 ) Cappadocia ( Latin ) . ( 7 ) Pontus ( Arabic ) . ( 8 ) Asia
    ( Arabic ) . ( 9 ) Phyrgia . ( 10 ) Pamphylia ( 11 ) Egipt ( Demotic ) . ( 12 ) Libya ( 13 ) Cyrene ( 14 ) Roman ( Latin ) ( 15 ) Crete ( Greek ) ( 16 ) Arabic
    ( Nabatean ) .

    And so he is responsible for translating it from the original under the guise that a fire driven , cloven tongued holy spirit alighted upon these me in an upper room and he immediately starting translating from Galilean to other People's tongues . How does that affect Us ? It affects you like today , people are holding a Hebrew Bible and they think there is such a language and it is authentic where it's not . They are holding a Greek New Testament and they think it is authentic . when it's not , just like Muslims hold an Arabic Koran and they think it is authentic or original when it's not .

    This tactic of translating from the original language in which you can find the original word ending and puting it into 2nd and 3rd dialects and calling them modern standard or new version or even declaring a dialect a major language isa major form of deception and the root of world religious confusion and men like Josephus and his band of Luciferian are responsible for this .

    Most Of What People Are Practicing Are Fabricated ? That is correct and their books and their gods and their prophets altered and changed to deceive them . And it all came originally from [ EGIPT . ] The very Jesus they worship , adore and pray to and through , was none other than the EGIPTIAN / NETER '' Supreme Beings '' HORUS '' HERU , HARU '' The son of OSIRIS '' USIR , ASARU '' the supreme god who acted in part as an incarnation from the high supreme being ATUM and his physical manifestation Re . to become ATUM -RE '' ATUM - RA '' the beginning of the eastern light .

    What Is The Difference Between The Eloheem ( Gods ) In Genesis1;1 And Yahweh ( Lords ) In Genesis 4; 1 ? If You LQQk close at Genesis 2; 4 . they say the LORD God '' These are the generation of the heaven and the earth when they were created , in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heaven . but in the Hebrew you find Yahweh Eloheem , or a Lord of the gods , as opposed to Genesis 1;1 where Eloheem '' god , rulers , judges '' is there '' In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth , or Genesis4;1 where Yahweh '' Lord , Self -Existing , eternal '' is found ... I have gotten a man from the LORD '' .

    The beings called Eloheem is plural and the being called YHWH Is Singular .
    What Is The Differnce Between YHWH , Yahweh , Yehovah , Yahuwa and Jehovah ? A poor attempt of attaching lost vowels to acquire the true pronunciation . Another degree of confusion confusing the public . So in fact there is no difference other than the way individual group choose to pretend that they know the real pronunciation , which they don't In fact , the word YHWH ( Lord ) is not in the beginning of the bible . Eloheem for gods is in the beginning of the bible ( Genesis 1;1 ) .

    So In Fact The Bible Begins With More Than One God ?Yes . it uses Eloheem a plural , not Eloh the singular for the same word . so it actually reads '' in the beginning gods created the heavens and the earth '' not '' god created the heaven and the earth '' . Which means this can't be the first book of the bible . The very fact that it uses Eloheem , which is plural in Genesis 1;1 . means there is a single form of Eloheem , and because there is a single form of Eloheem , you couldn't start at more than one god without starting with one god . in simple terms . you can not have a plural first without a dual , andyou can not have a dual without asinggle being first . so with that in mind Genesis could not be '' the beginning of creation '' if everything began with one incident .

    Could This Be Speaking Of God And His Trinity Or Angelic Beings As Found In
    1John 5;7 ? No . because that quote which in actuality was an addition and not from the original reads ; '' For there are three that bear record in heaven , the father , theword , and the Holy Ghost ; and these three are one . This quote does not declare them god . Jesus states in Ephesians 4;6 '' One God and Father of all . who is above all . and through all , and in you all '' .

    So as you can see Angels and Jesus are not above the 1 God concept . What is interesting is when you look in the Greek for God , you get Thehos , which is equivalent to the Eloheem , The plural in Genesis 1;1 and Thehos is an infinite '' godly '' and the word angel is Angelos meaning '' a messenger ''. Angels Are Not Gods ? Absolutely not according to the religious concept because they bring messages from god thereforethey can't be god ; thus eliminating 1 part of the trinity which is the holy ghost from being a god Hebrew 2;9 ,

    see from this quote . Jesus was made lower than angels for whatever reason . But the most high god or god ( Eloheem ) can never become lower than angels. God can't become lower than anything and still be god the most high Elyon El Genesis 14;18 . As they would have you believe , the holy ghost isnow eliminated because angels are not gods . They say 1 god the father . 2 god the son . 3 god the holy ghost . And the holy ghost according to the Bible Luke 3 ; 22 . clearly states that the holy dove descended in a bodily shapeas a dove . That isbacked up by John 1;32 , but Luke makesit . clear that this dove was the holy ghost coming in bodily form . That is physically appear , so the holy ghost can personify in physical form .

    Matthew 1;18 clearly states that Mary referred to as '' She '' in the quotewas found with child , meaning Jesus , of the holy ghost , Matthew 1;20 States this angel of the lord is speaking to Joseph and confirm that his, as the Bible puts it '' wife '' and the Greek word is goo-nay '' wife or woman '' would conceive . that is ghen -nag-o nay '' beget , give birth ,bring forth '' , from inside her as the quoteputs it , of again ,the holy ghost . And Matthew 12;31 declares that you will never be forgiver if you blaspheme , and the word is blas - fay - me - ah '' speak evil against '' the holy ghost ''

    So we have a story here unfolding on the true significance of the third part of the Christian trinity ,namely god the holy ghost ,distinguished from god the son , and god the father , but its god the holyghost who has the ability to come into the physical form ;be it a bird as the dove or a man as in Matthew 12;32 , which separates the son of man , a name for Jesus , from the holy ghost . And even Matthew 3;11 , tells you that Jesus would baptize with the holy ghost ,not that he is the holy ghost , again a clear separation between god the son , and godthe holy ghost .

    Now look at Matthew 28;19 '' go ye therefore and teach all nation baptizing then in the name of the father ( patayr ) and the son ( huios ) andthe holy
    ( hagios ) ghost ( pneuma ) ;... ( These Three Being Are Being Separated Here Again , Yet You Are Taught To Believe That They Are One .

    Is That What The Bible Teaches Or Is That What The Preacher Preaches ? That quote Matthew 28;19 said , '' go ye therefore and teach , that means that ministers have a two-fold job . They must teach the congregation ,not just preach , for the word preach Kay -roo-os is no '' to proclaim , to publish '' as appose to the word teach math-ayt-yoo-o '' to instruct '' What happens is . when you analyze the scriptures and their languages , you don't find yourself preaching , you find yourself instructing , explaining and elaborating . Making things clear for people . Set-ing the record straight . Because as we read this as students . as appopsed to as a congregation being peached to , we are getting a clearer of the message . The holy ghost comes in physical form . This deity personifying or coming in human form is an Egiptian concept

    frowed upon by the mis-informed , as Matthew 28;19 separated god the father . Eloheem , god the son . Jehovah , and god the holy ghost , Gabriel , an angel ( Daniel 9;21 ) . We can see clear three distinct characters . Why Is Jesus The Son , Being Called Jehovah ? The answer is quite simple . The equivalent of Jehovah which means lord in the Old Testament Genesis4;26 , and becomes lord in Matthew 4;10 , where Jesus himself declares '' ... thou shalt worship the lord thy god .... And theword for lord there is '' Kurios '' . Note that in this quote lord and god isbeing used together , and god there is '' thehos '' , and if the New Testament is a new testament of the old testament by the same god ,

    we have to go go back to the old testament to findout theequivalent of the'' lord god '' as found in the New Testament . And Genesis Chater 2 Verse 4 , clearly states in part '' in the day that the lord god made earth and the heavens '' Lord here is Jehovah and God here is Eloheem . Back To The Question .
    MATTHEW 4;10 -- in this verse , we see the two words lord god , and their Greek equivalent for the word lord ( kurios ) and for the word god you get Thehos .
    Now look at its parent scripture you get GENESIS 2;4 , and for the word lord you get Yahweh , and for the word god you get Eloheem . So that means Yahweh equals Kurios and Eloheem equals Thehos .
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    Sometimes I just can't stand when self invited people make their way into my home. :getout:

    This is very interesting and now I must stop, but I will be back to read as soon as I get rid of pookie and 'em. :welldone: Brother Issa!
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    Akhay Atha Antut < Miss PurpleMoon >

    Tawuh Antut Jed Katur = Thank You Very Much
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    All very nice, but Egypt...Kemet is not the source at all. This much is attested to by our history. There are even portions of the Book of Coming forth by Day and by Night (book of the dead) which are older than the first dynasty of Kemet. Where did Ausar (Osiris) come from? Go back and check your history bro.
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    Al - Moo - Naa - Fe - Coon < keita >

    Al - Moo - Khal - Le - Foon < keita >
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    Why Do I Refer To Jesus As Jehovah Or Yahweh ? Because he is called '' Kurios
    in the New Testament LQQk at 2Peters 2;20 , where Jesus is referred to as '' the lord and saviour Jesus Christ . The word for '' lord '' there again is '' Kurios the save word which is Yahweh in the old testament . So if '' Kurios '' , is the Greek way of saving lord . which the Hebrew renders as Yahweh then I repeat , there is god the father , Eloheem equivalent to Thehos in Greek . God the son Jehovah equivalent to Kurios in Greek , and a third part , god the holy ghost equivalent to an angel Gabriel who comes in human form . As a human being a '' eesh '' as the book of Daniel 9;21 , and the word '' eesh in distinguished in Hebrew from the female '' eshuw '' Genesis 2;23 .

    What Does That Mean ? It means that the angel Gabriel as an '' eesh '' is being distinguished from a female '' eshuw '' giving him gender when on earth , andgender , between male and female is determined by chromosomes . A eshuw female has x and x chromosome and an '' eesh '' chromosome ,make as x and y chromosome . This is a biplogical fact that can't be altered because you want it to be . So the genetic makeup of the vigin mother ( Matthew 1;23
    Mary would be that of an '' eshuw '' , a female X and X chromosome . No male hormose would be found in a female vigin - par-them- os . ( Are You With Me )
    Yet , the bible clearly states that she gave birth to a son , Jesus Christ , who asa '' eesh '' , a male . Mary could only have an X and Y chromosome ...

    ( The Mystical Question Would Come Up At This Point ) . Where Did The '' Y '' Chromosome Come From In The Womb Of Mary As She Conceived ? There had to be male counterpart . To produce the '' Y '' chromosome . Can we agree on this Scientific fact before we go futher . The answer has on be yes if you are
    '' Honest '' intelligent and logical . Now , the holy ghost takes on aphysical form , a dove ( Luke 3;22 ) . and a dove has a chromosome structure , thus the holy ghost has a chromosome structure. ( Are You With Me ? ) And the angel Gabriel comes as a man having a chromosomestructure which includes a
    '' Y '' . and Mary was found with a child of the holy ghost , a male child , with a '' Y '' chromosome that she as a female could not have .

    And the Bible says do not blaspheme the holy ghost there is no forgiveness for it ( Matthew 12;31,32 ) . Who is the father of Jesus Christ becomes clear that a being sent from the Eloheem as a lord or holy ghost . impregnated Mary , and she gave birth to a lord . Again this whole concept is borrowed from Egipt . There is no intelligent Christian explanation . There is no biological , logical explanation . There is no scientific explanation for Mary being able to produce a son without a '' Y ' chromosome , And if you choose to go to the Supernatural and say the power of god faith and belief , I Will Take You To Revelation 12;2 , here Mary goes through a full nine months pregnancy like every other woman . Why is the natural system of things necessary after the miraculous is being used as an Escape Goat from Scientific Fact ?

    What About Jesus Being God ? The quote in Matthew 27;50 and John 19;30 , States ; When < hote > Jesus < lesous > therefore < oun > had received
    < lambano > the vinegar < oxos > , he said < epo > it is finished < teleo > ; and < kai > he bowed < kilino > his head < kephale > , and gave up
    < parradidomi > the ghost < pneuma > . '' The word there is '' pneuma ''
    ( pnyoo -mah ) which means '' breath of life '' , a spirit . the holy spirit . ''

    So at this point he died and gave up his spirit Luke 23;46 . He sent his spirit into the hands of of his heavenly father or father who art in heaven Matthew 6;9 . So he was neither the god by body nor by spirit , and Jesus was called '' the son of God '' , not '' the ( God ) 1Corinthians 8;6 and he said himself in Matthew 27;46 , So he could not have been '' the god '' . The Bible point out a group of beings in the beginning responsible for creation and call them Eloheem . Yes he could be Lord that is YHWH of the gods . Eloheem .

    What Is The Connection Between The Hebrew Eloheem For For Gods And The Egiptians And Their Neteraat , Gods ? The fact is that history has proven that the Egiptian records of divinity predate Moses receiving the Torah or their law . because according to them Moses was raised in Egipt , educated in Egipt , then left Egipt went into the wilderness andgot the revelation for their laws .

    IN FACT IN EXODUS 7;10 , WHERE Aaron turns his staff into a snake the Egiptian Priest Were Able To Do The Same Exact Thing '' And Moses < Mosheh
    and Aaron < Aharown > went in < bow > unto Pharaoh < Par'oh > andthey did < asah >so as the LORD < Yehovah > had commanded < tsavah > and Aaron
    < Aharown>cast down < shalak >his rod < matteh > before < paniym > Pharaoh < Par'oh > and before < paniym > his servants < ebed > and it became a serpent < tanniyn > . SO IT WASN'T ANY GREAT MIRACLE FROM THE ISRAELITE GOT ,

    it was simple Egiptian alchemy that Moses found and learned in Egipt which the Jews claim as their magic . Show meanother place anywhere in the Bible where the trick of turning a staff into a snake happened except Egipt . You can't , but the Pharaohs priest did it and Moses who was educated by them did it , and even Jesus who performed miracles , spent the first 13 years of his life from youth to manhood according to Judaic tradition of which he was learned all he did in Egipt ( Luke 2;40 , 4;25 , 1;80 ) . So the Jews , Hebrew , or Israelites were using Egiptian powers .

    Who Is The Equivalent To Yahweh Eloheem In Egipt ? You have Eloheem '' Gods '' as the true multiple deities , gods in Egipt called the '' Neteraat ,
    ( Neteru -- supreme beings ) Re or Ra and you have YHWH '' Lord '' as a singular the Egiptians called '' Nebu '' lord '' , Osiris one of the Neter or Eloheem , God the father of Adonai , Horus was one of the Yahwehs or Adonai . a Nebu '' Lord '' who became a Neter theson of god . Horus '' Jesus '' The war of the angels in Egipt and the Sumerians which pre-dates the Bibles , and this conflict is recorded on tablets . The Sumerian version is a conflict between two brother Enqi and Enlil and the Egiptian version . is a conflict between two brothers Set and Siris . Both symbolic of a form of human deities or angelic beings , thus your war of your gods or angels in heaven . The conflict between good and evil , heaven and hell , salavation , all have been long forgotten .

    In Egipt , these angelic beings as the New Testament calls them Angelos the Old Testament call them Malawk and the Koran calls them Malaaikat are no more than Cherubims and Seraphims , which comes again from the Egiptian Rashunaat or Ogdoads andEnneads or Sedjet ; beings that existed before human beings . This again is all recorded in Ancient Egipt on tables that predates the Bible. So think , which stories came from whom ? The answer is all these stories , characters , comes from ancient Egipt . pro-invaders who sought to hide these truths .

    But a closer LQQk at the Bible and its wording in modern time with computers software that scrutinize word by word in the original language that they were translated into , many languages and dialects reveals a subtle form of sunworship as in the Egiptian '' Supreme Beings '' Re ( Ra , Roi ) ( Genesis 16;13 ) .

    Genesis 16;13 , In Modern Hebrew Script ( RighTranslation In Aramic Hebrew )
    And I Quote ; And she called < qara ) the name < shem > of the LORD
    < Yehovah > that spake < dabar > unto her thou GOD < El > seest me < ro'iy> for she said < amar > have I also here < halom > looked < ra'ah > after him
    < achar > that seeth me < ro'iy > .
    And She Hagar Called The Name Of A Yahuwa , The One Who Spoke To Her , El - Roi , The El Of The Sun ( Ra Of Egipt Sees With A Physical Eye ) .

    Genesis 16;13 , Mistranslation By King James 1611 A.D . And I Quote ; And She Called The Name Of The LORD That Spake Unto Her , Thou God Seest Me ; For She Said , Have I Also Here Looked After Him That Seeth Me ?

    In the last book of the Old Testament called Malachi 4;2 there is no attempt to translate the word sun for son . It literally reads '' but unto you that fear
    < yare >my name < shem > shall the sun < shemesh > of righteousness
    < tsedaqah > arise < zarach > with healing < marpe > in his wings < kanaph >and ye shal go forth < yatsa > , and grow up < puwsh > as calves < egel > of the stall < marbeq > .
    But As For You Who Fear Out Of Reverence My Name , The Shehmesh / Sun Of Zodok / Justice Will Come Forth With Healing In His Corners Of His Garment And You Will Go Forth And Spread As The Calves Of The Stall .

    ( Mistranslation By King James 1611 A.D. And I Quote ; But Unto You That Fear My Name Shall The Sun Of Righteousness Arise With Healing In His Wings ; And Ye Shall Go Forth , And Grow Up As Calves Of The Stall .

    The word in that quote being used for '' Sun '' is Shamesh '' the Hebrew word for the Sun in the sky . not '' Ben or Bar '' the Hebrew word for the '' Son '' of a human being ; and this Egiptian supreme being '' Horus '' Heru , Haru '' was the '' Son '' of the supreme being '' Osiris '' Usir , Asaru '' , and his wife the supreme being '' Isis '' Auset , Aset '' . Horus occupied his father's throne which symbolized '' Isis ''because that's what her name meant , throne and he Horus sat in her lap and breastfed sitting on the throne . Where the worldwide '' icon '' or statues of a child being breastfed called the '' Black Madonna '' in many places , has its origin . Ancient Egipt as the son of god ( Horus ) became god as his father ( Osiris ) weaned by his goddess mother '' Isis '' Her real name in ancient Egipt was Aset meaning '' throne '' and the symbol on top of Aset '' Isis '' head is a throne . This is why Haru '' Horus '' is pictured sitting on his mother's lap as a babe world wide , Adoption from Egypt .

    What Is The Meaning Of Supreme Being ? It is a very touchy because all those of monotheism use supreme being yet none of them have added it to the translation of their so-called holy scriptures namely the Torah , the gospel , or the Koran simply . because defining the word supreme is one thing but trying into the word '' being '' is where the problem comes for them . Their dictionaries define it as deriving from middle English ben from Old English beon '' a state or quality of having existence , to exist , to be , Ben in Hebrew and Arabic is '' Son '' The word existence is from Latin existere and means '' to come forth , to manifest '' Now let's look supremus superlative of superus and it means .

    '' upper from over , or above . Supreme being simply means '' something that exists that manifest , materializes . takes on a physical or being '' yet it is higher than the rest . Their definition of supreme being would be talking about a superior human being . which they have in the dictionary be talking about a superior juman being . which they have in the dictionary as god and of course that would include goddess . for the Bible 1Kings 11;5 , Acts 19;35 , and the Koran 35;1, 37;1 , speaks of female goddesses , Again ancient Egipt and its knowledge of supreme versus the supreme being or beings , is quite obvious to those who know .

    How Does This Tie Into Jesus Or Christ ? Even Christ of Christianity was considered to be a Sun supreme being as in the quote Revelation 22;16 where Jesus referred to himself as '' ... I am the root and offspring of David , and the bright and moring star ... I < Ego > am < eimi > the root < rhiza > and < kai > the offspring < genos > of david < dabid > and the bright < lampros > and
    < kai > moring < orthrinos > star < aster > ..... Everybody knows that stars are merely suns and the early morning star in ancient Egipt was Atum -Re , the morning sun . First born of Nun . Egiptian supreme being of darkness ...

    Revelation 22;16 ( Modern Greek Script ) And I Quote ; I Eeaysooce Have Sent My Messenger To Testify To You All These Incidents In The Congregation . I Am The Descendant And Of The Same Race As David , The Beloved And The Lamp And The Early Star . ( RighTranslation In Greek ) .

    ( Mistranslation By King Jame 1611 A.D. And I Quote ; I Am The ( Root ) And The ( Offspring ) Of David , And The Bright And Morning Star ,

    When Jesus states in the above quote that he is the root and offspring of David , The Greek word for root is '' Hrid - Zah '' meaning '' Root , Offspring , Progeny '' . They are double enforced by repeating the word that they are talking about , Offspring . Bloodline . Genealogy .
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    So What Is The Bible Actually Saying ? It is talking about ovum , X and X chromosome , and semen X and Y chromosome combined to give physcialbirth . We are talking about the natural birth process that involves a female for ovum and a male for sperm . And to make this clear . you find there in the Bible the word offspring is Ghen-Os meaning '' Race , Offspring '' from the root word Ghin-Om-Ahee meaning '' to be-come , to come into existence '' . This is proving that the man Jesus was of the Seed of David and the Greek word for Seed in your Bible is '' Sper-Mah as found in John 7;42 '' Hath not the scripture said , That Christ cometh of the seed of Daivd .

    The Greek has the meaning of Sper-Mah as '' the Semen virile , the product of semen '' produced in the male seminal vesicle . and the American Heritage Dictionary / definition has '' either of a pair of pouch - like glands situated on each side of the male urinary bladder that secrete seminal fluid and nourish and promote the movement of spermatozoa through the urethra '' . So Jesus' seed had to be carried on the '' Y '' chromosome to produce amalechild andnot the '' X '' chromosome to produce a male child and not the '' X '' chromosome , which produces a female child .

    So Does That Mean Gabriel Was From The Line Of David ? The Point Being made is that of a male involvement in the birth and line of Jesus . Now , if you want to use Jesus the son of god ( Mark 1;1 ) , Jesus the son of man ,Matthew 16;13 . then you have to acknowledge that it stated with god's word made flesh ( John 1;14 ) '' And the Word was made flesh ... '
    And < kai > the word < logos > was made < ginomai > flesh < sarx > ... And down through a whole line of men , you'll findin your Bible in Luke 3;23-38, that Joseph is the blood line . the seed or the sperm in this line or generation . Also in Matthew 1;16 when they speak of Mary's line ,

    they don't really say Mary's line , they say '' Joseph the husband of Mary '' . Being A husband doesn't make you a relative , so two places in the bible where there isan attempt to link Jesus to the sperm of Daivd . they link you to Joseph , and if Joseph did not yield the sperm into Mary's ovum for the birth of Jesus , Which he did not ; then this line is totally absurd and unnecessary ; yet and still , they say Jesus is of the seed of David ( John 7;42 ) .

    So according to this quote used in your New Testament , Jesus ' lineage came by way of the sperm of David , something theee bible does not confirm , nor through the eggs of Mary , so what did Mary have to do with this ? Joseph should have been exalted more than Mary because he carried the lineage of Jesus from David through hissperm according to the Bible . The lineage goes as thus in Luke 3;23-38 .

    And then again in Matthew 1;1-16 You read '' And < de > Jacob < lakob > begat < gennao > Joseph < loseph > the husband avep < aner > of Mary
    < Mapia > Maria ... The Greek Word For Husband Is Aner meaning '' Husband of a male , of a betrothed or future husband ''

    What Does The Name Joseph Means ? The Greek name for Joseph is Ee-O-Safe meaning '' let him add '' and comes from the Hebrew word Yo-Safe , meaning '' Jehovah has addded '' . from the root word Yaw-Saf '' to add increas , do again .

    What Did Joseph '' Add On To '' If He Didn't Give Birth To Jesus? The Grrek names for Joseph is Ee-O-Safe meaning '' let him add '' and comes from the Hebrew word Yo-Safe meaning '' Jehovah has added , from the root word Yaw-Saf '' to add increase , do again . What Did Joseph '' Add On To '' If He Didn't Give Brith To Jesus ? Joseph didn't '' add on to '' anyone , and the first time the name appears in the Bible anywhere is as the son of the father of Israel Jacob and the wife of his choice Rachel ( Genesis Chapter 29 ) .

    In this case , the Joseph son of Jacob and Rachel is mentioned in Genesis 30;24 . Pay close attention to why he was name Joesph Genesis 30;24 . And she called his name Joseph ; and said , The LORD shall add to me another son . By this statement , Joseph was suppose to have been the father of Jesus ''The Lord Adding On To His Line Or Lineage Of David '' . Why does Joseph's name mean '' added to '' if he was not the father of the seed of David or adding on to that seed ( Proverb 22;1 ) . And I Quote ; A Name '' Good Reputation '' Is Rather To Be Chosen Then Great Riches , And Agreeable Favor Rather Than Silver And Gold .

    Does Jesus Deny ThisLineage ? Jesus denies his lineage to David he speaks to the Pharisees In Matthew 22;42-45 ;.. In the book entitled Deception And Myths Of The Bible , By Lloyd . M . Graham , page 299 , hesay ; Joseph had no part in this supernatural affair ; it was the holy ghost . Yet later we learn that Jesus was of David's line because Joseph was Daivd's descendant . ( How can this be when Joseph had no part in it ? For Jesus to be David's line . Mary would have to be David's descendant also .) .

    Since The Bible Mentions Joseph And Mary Being Poused , Does it have any mention of their Marriage ? No . however , there is a wedding of Cana John 2;1
    mentioned in the Bible and Mary and Jesus are at it , but there is no wedding of Mary and Joseph in the Bible . John 2;1 And I Quote ; And The Third Day THere Was A Wedding Banquet , This Happens AfterThe Wedding In Kanah , Of Galilee And The Mother Of Jesus WasThere .

    So weddings are recognized and recorded but Mary's and Josph's is not . They are mentioned here being espoused in Matthew 1;18 , yet , the engagement is mentioned but no marriage ceremony . They must have been married because after the birth of Jesus they left together to go to Egipt Matthew 2;13 , and her family didn't complain , a family they didn't mention . Who Mary's mother is or who Mary's father is are not mentioned in the Bible , and she later had children . This would be against the Law if they did not get legally married . Why is it not mentioned bbbut a stranger whose name is never given , marriage is mentioned .

    Why ? Because all of this is discussing the Egiptian Holy Family Osiris , Isis , and Horus , What Is The Meaning Of The Word Horus ? The word Horus meaning '' face or distant '' is phonetically synonymous with the English word hour , Who Horus really is . Many other words are taken from the word Horussuch as Horoscope , Horizon , Horizontal , Hawariyyuwn , Hawri , Hor , Har . Hours was also called Har-an-akaet or Re Harakhahte meaning '' Horus in the Horizon '' . The Title Hormakhet '' Horus of the Hori-zon '' was also used by the Greeks as a nname for Pa Ruwty '' the sphinx '' and the sphinx is a symbol of the constellation of Leo . which is the constellation of Horus , the lion of Judah .

    What Is The Constellation Of Leo ? The constellation of Leo is in the Northern Hemisphere near Cancer and Virgo Containing the bright stars Regulus and Denebola . The fifth sign of the European Zodiac copied from the ceiling of the Egiptian temple called Denderah in Edfu , Where you see a lion along with other various Egiptian Supreme Beings . The Len Constellation is always facing the east , and Muslims along with the people of the Judaic faith and Christians Always face the east during prayer ( Daniel 6;10 , Koran 2;144 ) .
    ( The Freemason All Travel Eastward ) .

    What Does The Word '' Leo '' Mean ? The word Leo simply meaning '' Lion '' in the Latin language or Aker in The Egiptian mystery language , A replica of this lion -- human structure was found on planet Mars , By the NASA ( National Aeronauties Space Adminstration ) . On September 3,1976 A.D. Vincent Diptro and Gred Molenar discovered photos of a Martian sphinx on frame 70A13 . Richard Hongland a former scientist from NASA states that aplace on Mars name Cydonia contained ruins of an entire Martian city full of Pyramids , which are Geometrically aligned with the face andthe larger five - sided pyramid . This face on Mars is the face of a Homo-erectus , and served as an ancient marker for incoming extra-terrestrials to know about this project called Adama , the Homo-erectus project .

    The face on Mars is said to look like the face of lion and is referred to as the Martian Sphinx .If you take the face on Mars and geometrically match it with the face of the spinx in Egipt , it will come out perfect . The sphinx in Egipt is referred to as the great '' Cat , which was the symbol of health and strength . Later on it represented the '' holy cat , whom the '' Cat - Holy - Istic '' or Catholics followed , When they combined these words '' Cat and Holistic , they created '' Catholic . Cat of Holi . the sun . The cat Bast became the symbol of Cheophas son of Cleoptra , Known as the new '' Isis , and Mark Anthony , who was know as the new Dionysus . Dionysus was the son of Zeus and Semele was the godof fertility , wine and vegetation .

    What Is The True Name Of The Sphinx ? Harmakhis is the true nameof the sphinx . The word sphinx comes from middle English sphinx from Latin sphinx , borrowed from the Greek , from '' spying '' or '' the watchful eye . , the watcher '' Al -though it is carved in the actual image of Khufu , originally the head of '' Pa Ruwty '' The Sphinx '' was a Urat '' female ruler '' , which faces directly to the point on the eastern horizon where the sun is first seem at the equinox which occurs every 24,896 years or 25,000 years , or 23 hours , 56 minutes , 6 seconds , each day or 24 Gregorian hours. The '' Ruwty '' Sphinx '' is 2,400 feet long andagain you have the number 24as 24,000 , and 66 feet high 6+6=12 , that's half the cycle ; 12 hour days , 12 hour nights . The Ruwty '' Sphinx '' was once worshipped by the Canaanites, a seed of Caucasians in the Bible ( lepers )called Hyk-sos ,

    who resided in the Delta in the lower part of early Egipt in the second Millennium B.C. They were from the sacred city of Haram . Their language was Semetic and they referred to it as '' Hwl '' , meaning '' Terror '' . In the ancient Egiptian language the word '' Bw '' mean '' Place '' . The Muslims borrowed this and called it '' Abul-Hol meaning '' Father Of Terror '' . Pa Ruwty '' The Sphinx '' was also called '' Seshep-Ankh-Atum'' the living image of Atum meaning '' The Undifferentiated One'' , after Atum-Re the self -created supreme being it dates back 10,500 years . This Is Now Proven By Water Corrosion .

    What Creatures Are The Sphinx Composed Of ? The Sphinx is composed of four creatures , 1. Lion ( feline ) , 2. Bull ( bovine ) , 3 , Man ( Homo Sapien ) . 4 . Fowl ( galliformes ) , confirming that the beasts in Revelation 4;7 , came from Egiptian supreme beings. This is where they copied their concept , of thefour hosemen of Apocalypse from in the New Testament also Revelation 4;7 and the Old Testament Daniel 7;4-6 . According to Revelation 4;7. the face of a man represents humanity , the eagle represents the fowl of the earth , the calf represents the wild beasts , and the lion represent the body of a lion . However , they have no significance in Christianity whatsoever only in Egipt

    The lioness god is Sekhmet , the bull god is Apis . the bird , which is the fowl , is Horus , and then you have the man , which is Osiris . The original sphinx used to have paws and wings just as the Sumerian statue of Enkidu , the bullman , a descendant of the Shaggies from the planet Eduma , from the Sirius star constellation . The paws and wings of the sphinx eroded after thousand of years of floods and sandstorms and itslion body shapeis buried under the desert sands . The Lion's body of the Sphinx was a symbol of a guardian , for the lions guarded all the temple entrances from the powers of the disagreeable agggressors . Even Jesus is referred to as the lion of Judah in the New Testament in Revelation 5;5 ... Which Is Also Where The Rastafarians Get The Lion Of Judah From .

    Is The Devil Also Referred To As A Lion In The Bible ? Yes . The Devil Is Also Called A Lion In 1Peter 5;8 , As A Symbol Of Strength ; And I Quote ; Be Sober , Be Watchful The Opponent Of Yours , The Devil , As A Roaring Lion , Walks About , Seeking Who He May Devour .

    How Does Jesus Tie Into The Science Of The Sphinx ? If You Look In The Bible , You Will See That Jesus Was Referred To As ;
    ( 1 ) . The lion of Judah ( Revelation 5;5 ) = Lion ... The lion of the tribe of Juda , the root of David .
    ( 2 ) . The Lamb of God ( John 1;36 ) = Calf or Bull .... And looking upon Jesusas he walked , he said , behold the lamb of God !
    ( 3 ) . The son of man ( Matthew 3;16 ) = MAN ..... Whosoever speaketh a word against the son of man ...
    ( 4 ) . The Dove or holy ghost ( Matthew 3;16 ) = Eagle / Angel .... And he saw the spirit of god descending like adove . and lighting upon him .
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    How Does Horus Tie Into The Science Of The Sphinx ? Simply because one of Horus name was '' Heru - Khuti '' Horus Of The Two Horizon '' and the Greek called the Sphinx Hormakhet meaning '' Horus Of The Horizon '' . The Sphinx sits and watches the sun appear each morning again relating to Jesus , who walked on water ( John 6;19 ) . Who was none other then . Horus. The principle forms of Horus who is the son of god or sun , represented the sun at different periods of the early daylight hours and shadow hours = night . Some of his many names are ; Heru-Ur '' Horus the great '' Heru-Merti '' Horus the two eyes '' . referring to the sun and the moon .

    The sun being the '' Right Eye '' and the moon being the '' Left '' , the two heavenly bodies . Heru - Nub '' the golden . Horus '' . Heru - KHET - Khat , Heru-Khent-An-Man '' Horus dwelling in blindness '' , Heru-Sam-Taui'' Horus the uniter of the north and the south '' , Heru-Hekenu '' Horus of Heken '' . Heru-Behutet '' Horus of Behutet '' and Heru - P-Khart '' Horus of the field '' . Horus is the ( horizon ) , or the sun rising ( over the horizon ) . while the blessed mother Isis is the ( meridian - Miriam ) , a com-posite word , in ancient Egipt and Hebrew which meant '' beloved mother '' . Maryam or Mary represents '' the middle '' or meridian and the father Osiris is the orbit . This would be equivalent to the moon and earth rotating around the sun . So again , we have in this symbol the personification of the sacred son Horus .

    How Is This A Personifcation Of Horus ? Horus was the personification of the rising sun and thus also a symbol of resurrection , for the sun ( Horus ) appears to set ( Sutukh ) . goes into darkness in the Duat , underworld , and rises again , resurrect the next day . When the sun is crossing over the sky and it is at its horizon , its reflection walks upon the water , and this also gives off the appearance of cross with a halo . This Is Also Symbolic Of Jesus Walking On Water . Yes this is symbolic of Jesus walking on the water as mentioned in John 6;19. And I Quote ; Therefore When They ( The Disciples ) Had Rowed About 25 or 30 Furiong ( 18,000 Feet ) They LQQked At Jesus Walking On The Sea ...

    As the sun crosses the waters from the East unto the West and appears to set , this is symbolic of the '' sunset '' or son-set , the other son , Set or Seth , called Sutukh , the killer of Osiris going into the Duat . the underworld , the pit of the earth and resurrecting again . When the sun ( Haru ) appears to set , his uncle Seth rules as '' prince of dark -ness '' until the sun appears on the horizon or appears to rise again . So as you plainly see , the concept of Jesus walking on water was taken from the Egiptian concept of Horus being the horizon , or the sun appearing to rise over the horizon , the early morning star which is symbolic of the sun on the cross .

    Was The Christian Cross Also Taken From Egipt . Yes . The cross of Christianity came from the Egiptian '' Ankh '' first . The cross , which is the Greek version of the Christian Ansata , was originally the '' Tau , The top of the cross was taken from the Egiptian ring called the '' Shen , a symbol of eternity , which the Christians cahanged into putting the halo over the head of the crucified person , and that's the top of the ankh , the original cross . The halo symbolizes the rings of '' Anshar , Saturn , as brights as the sun or the '' Sol '' of the solar system . The word '' Soul is Sol /Sun . Just as colour is also spelt color or without the '' U '' . So sol sun is '' Soul the Solar Pex, Inner Sun ,

    Wasn't Jesus Crucified On A Cross ? Jesus the son of God was crucifed on the cross according to John 19;19 , Revelation 11;8 And I Quote ; And their dead bodies shall lie in the street great city , which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt , where also our lord was crucified ,
    The Jehovah Witness say he was crucified on a stake and other say hewas crucofied on a tree Acts 5;30 , also John 19;19 . ... All the different denomination grafted their symbol from the Egiptian ankh , The Tau , which was a cross in the form of a '' T '' Represents the Greek , Tau--T --Sign , mark meaning '' resurrection new life , the coming of rain '' . and an '' O '' which represents the Greek letter '' Omega '' . meaning '' last doomed or dead '' . This is where they get their concept of resurrection from . for what happen after you die . you resurrect to eternal life , the ankh . This Is Your Key To The Gate .

    Did Jesus Resurrect ? According to your Matthew 12;40 , Jesus died and returned to eternal darkness which is called in the Egiptian mystery language the '' Duat , in Hebrew Sheol and Greek '' Hah-dace, '' the underworld '' or a place called Shamballah . or Aghaarta , an abode in the center or heart of the earth . From there , he resurrected in three days and three nights as mentioned in Matthew 12;40 . This is also a Egiptian and Sumerian story . This time its Murduq sent to the underworld . Yes , This Is Recorded On Tablets Long Before The Christian Bible .

    What Egiptian Story Was This Taken From ? This story was taken from Osiris being a willing sacrifice who was killed and went into the heart ( Duat -Under-world ) of the earth only to be resurrected back to life by Isis , his wife .

    Jesus being Horus , Is The Name Horus Mentioned anywhere In The Bible ? Yes . If you look in the book of Matthew 4;3 where you find the statement '' the son < huios > of god < theos > referrings to Jesus , in the Greek language . you will see '' Huios 'Theos , It is not that it is not there , it is just for those who will take the time to research and find it because they want the facts . Thre Greet word Huios is from the Egiptian word Horus or Haru .

    Matthew 4;3 ( In Modern Greek Script ) . And I Quote ; And < Kai > when the tempter < peirazo > came < proserchomai > to him < auto > . He said < epo >
    If < el > the son < huios > of God < Theos > command < Epo > that < hina > these < houtos > stones < lithos > Be made < ginoman > bread < artos >
    And when the tempter , The devil , Came to Jesus , He said , if you are the son of thehos , command that these stones are made into bread .

    Mistranslation By King James 1611 A.D. .
    And when the tempter came to him , He said , If thou be the ( Son ) of God . Command that these stones be made bread .

    When the word '' Huios '' moved from the Greek language into the Latin . the name '' Horus '' became a Latinized form of the Greek '' Huios '' or Hores which in turn is derived from the '' Tama - Rean word Hor , which is the same as the origin of his name meaning '' High'' or ' Far Away Distant '' . In the Aramic / Hebrew language you can find the name '' Hor as Har meaning '' Mountian as found in the Old Testament Number 20;22 and as Mount Hor in , Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic meaning '' Hot or burning '' .

    Number 20;22 ( In Modern Hebrew Script ) And I Quote ; And The Children
    < Ben > Of Israel < Yisra'El > Even The Whole Congregation < Edah > Journeyed < Naca > Unto Mount < Har > Hor < Hor > .
    And They Journeyed From '' Qodesh '' '' The Holy Place '' And The Children Of Israel , Even The Whole Congregation , Came To Har '' the Mount '' Hor '' Mountian .

    Mistranslation By King James 1611 A.D.
    And The Children Of Israel, Even The Whole Congregation, Journeyed From Kadesh . And Came Unto Mount Hor .

    So now we have the Hebrew word '' Hor '' for mountian and Haru meaning '' on high'' . which are one and the same , and all the magi and mystical societies cross the desert sands and go to the mountain top on high for their mystical schools , and the mountian top is the Resatau '' Giza '' pyramids . Hor meaning on high or Horus is also where you get the word '' Horus-scope ( Horuscope -- Horoscope ) or Horus who Scopes the stars of the heaven and the word Horizon . which is Horus-rising and other names such as . Heru , Hiero , Hurry , Horror , Horology , Hurricame .

    What Is Hurus 'Symbol In Ancient Egipt ? Horus' symbol is the falcon bird or hawk in Egipt . Was This Concept Also Copied Into The Bible ? Yes . This same concept was copied into the New Testament Matthew 3;16 . for Christ's symbol , the dove bird of Christianity , Where it states in part ; And Jesus , when he was baptized , went up straightway out of the water ; and , to , the heaven were opened unto him , And he saw the spirit of god descending like a dove and light-ened upon him .

    What Is The Dove Symbolic Of ? The dove is symbolic of the dead resurrecting back to life . When the dove is placed in the dark , it goes into comatose state until it is brought back into light , a symbol of resurrection , at the age 33 Jesus was resurrected from the dead or what was a dead state as the dove , that's why they say the dove ascended . The concept of Jesus laying in a dead state and then rising back to life , is an ancient Egiptian ritual that was borrowed from the Egiptian supreme being Osiris , Tehutil gave Isis the seed to being Horus to life . who was the rebirth of his father . Osiris , the supreme being of the underworld .

    Who Is The Egiptian Supreme Being Osiris In The Bible ? First of all even though the Bible , whether it is called the '' Nakh or Torah of Israelor the Gospel of Christianity , speaks about '' God '' you must first except the reality that those of the Judate faith though claiming like the Muslims world that they believe in one god . be he YHWH or Allah and the Christian concept of God called in Greek '' Theos '' in the New Testament in itself is an Egiptian supreme being '' Theoris '' . In reality , an in depth study of the Bible reveals many gods by many different names even contrary to each other at times .

    Abraham second wife , Hagar called on the Neter '' Supreme Being '' Re '' Ra '' as '' El Roi '' in Genesis 16;13 And I Quote ; ... And she called the name of the LORD that spake unto her , Thou God seest me ;

    Amen Ra , is also found in the New Testament , in the book of Revelation 3;14 Which Reads , And unto the angel of the church of the laodiceans write ; These things said [ the Amen . ] the faithful and true witness , the [ the beginning of the creation of God ] .

    And if '' Amen '' < am -ane > comes from the Hebrew word < aw-mane > , then they are admitting that this word '' Amen '' is not part of the Greek language . It is a word that was inserted in the Greek language from the Hebrew language , and if Abraham was a Chaldean before he became a Hebrew , then this word must have came from the Chaldean language into Hebrew And the Chaldean got this word Amen from the Egiptian supreme being Amun or Amun-Re , the sun god .

    The Neter '' Supreme Being '' Thoth or Tehuti is mentioned in your Bible 13 times as Nebo , which derives from the Nuwaupic word Neb '' Master , Nebu '' Lord '' ( Number 32;3 , 32;38, 33;47 , Deut 32;49, 34;1 , 1Chron 5;8 , Ezra 2;29 , 10;43 , Nehemiah 7;33 , Isa 15;2, 46;1, Jeremiah 48;1 48;22 ) .

    The Egiptian supreme beings Isis is also mentioned in your Bible under one of her names '' Ashtoreth , in 1Kings 11;5, 11;33, 2Kings 23; 13 , 1Kings 11;33... Because that they have forsaken me , and have worshipped Ashtoreth the goddess ...Because that they have forsaken < azab >me , and have worshipped < shachah > Ashoreth < Ashtoreth > the goddess < Elohiym >

    Neith is found in the Bible under the name Asenath , when translated from the Aramic / Hebrew the word Asenath , means '' Belonging To The Goddess Neith '' under the Strong's #0621 Asenath is found throughout the Bible three time
    ( Genesis 41;45, 41;50, 46;20 ) .

    The Koran of the Muslims and the Islamic religion which in itself came from Christianity and Judaism , though they claim to worship but one god . attribute 99 attributes some of which are gods from other cultures ,

    You will even find god in the Koran as a plural though they will claim with the term '' Tawheed '' which is not found in the Koran itself that Allah cannot be pluralized , however , you do find the word '' Allihatun ( 7;138 ) . for the pluraliztion of Allah
    Korah 7;138 ( Modern Persian Scrip ) And I Quote ; Yaa ( Oh ) Muw-Saa ,
    ( Moses / Mosheh ) Aj-A'L ( Make ) La-Naa ( For Us ) A-Laa-Han ( God ) Kam-Aa ( As ) Lahum ( For Them ( Aa-Li-Ha-Tun) ( Gods ) .
    O Mosheh Make For Us A ( Allah ) Deity ' Illaahun ' a Source ', As They Have Aalihatun ( Allahs - Deities - Sources ).....

    In Hebrew , you find Eloheem Genesis 1;1 , a pluralization of Eloh . Then as you know , Islam came from Christianity . Christianity came from Judaism . Judaism from the Sumerian doctrine of the Chaldean patriarch Abraham Genesis 17;5 , Who the Bible claim visited Egipt before the prophet of their scripture Moses Exodus 2;1 , was born , thus before their religion doctrine was formulated .

    Genesis 1;1 ( In The Modern Hebrew Script ) And I Quote ; During The Pro-Creation Period , Of The Planet Earth These Eloheem / Anunnaqi Reconstructed Two Places , Up There , In The Skies , Where There Was Water

    Genesis 17;5 ( In The Modern Hebrew Script ) . Neither shall you , Not be called by your name Abram ; Your name shall become ; Abraham , Because you are A father of many nations of Gentiles . I have appointed you .

    Even Acts 14;11 uses the Greek word Thehos for Gods in the plural tenseas coming down in the likeness of men and it read '' And when the people saw what Paul had done , they lifted up their voices , saying in the speech of Lycaonia ( The gods are come down to us in the likeness of man ) .

    Meanwhile , 1Samuel 28;13 , Speaks of Gods/ Eloheem ascending out of the earth , which confirms that beings do exist inside the chambers of the earth .

    Does The Bible Make The Distinction Between God And The Highest God ? Psalms 18;13 , uses both Jehovah and Elyone who is mentioned as the '' highest God in Genesis 14;18 and it reads '' The LORD also thundered in the heavens , and the Highest gaves his voice ; hail stones and coals of fire
    ( The LORD < Yehovah > also thundred < ra'am > in the heaven < shamayim > and the Highest < elyown > gave < nathan > his voice < qowl > ; hail < barad stones and coals < gechel > of fire < esh > .

    2Samuels 22;32 shows you that Yahuwa is an El '' For who is God , save the LORD ? and who is a rock .save our God ? ( For who is God < el > , save , bil'adey > the Lord < Yehovah > ? and who is a rock < tsuwr > , save < bil'adey> our God < elohiym > . This quote is using three form , Yahuwa , El , and Eloheem , which is the plural form of Eloh .

    Now when you go to the Old Testamen in Exodus 24;1 , it uses the name Yahuwa / Jehovah for Lord , which is singular whose asking Moses to come up to the mountain .
    Exodus 24;1 ( In The Modern Hebrew Script ) ; And I Quote ; And He Said
    < Amar > Unto Moses < Mosheh > Come Up < Alah > Unto The Lord < Yehovah
    ( Yahuwa ) Said To Moses , '' Come Up The Mountain To Me . .

    As you turn throughout the book of Joshua Chapter 24 , verse 2 and 14 states that Abraham's father Terah served other God's , and they use the word Eloheem . Verse 2 . - And Joshua said unto all the people , Thus saith the LORD God of Israel , Your father dwelt on the other side of the flood in old time , even Terah , the father of Abraham , and the father of Nachor ; and they served other gods . Verse 14. Now therefor fear the LORD , and serve him in sincerity and in truth ; and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood , and in Egypt ; serve the LORD ,

    Since Abraham lived with his father Terah across the Tigris - Euphrates before he crossed over and became known as a Hebrew ( Genesis 14;13 ) by the Phoe-nicians , then he must have also served other gods before he became introduced to the one '' god Yahweh or Jehovah Genesis Chapter 14 verse 22 .
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    Still ParTwo Of Jesus Found In Egipt .

    What About Moses ? You have Moses who was given the Torah after spending 40 days and 40 night in the mountain ( Exodus 24;18 ) however , he '' was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians , and was mighty in words and in deeds '' according to Acts 7;22 and if Moses was raised in Egipt andwas learned in all , not some of the wisdom of the Egiptian , but all , then hewas deeply influenced by the Egiptians , and if he was influenced by the Egiptians , then his thoughts , his actions , his prayers and hiswritings were Egiptian , thus making the bible an Egiptian book .

    Moses was also made a God '' Eloheem '' in Exodus 7;1 '' And the LORD saidunto Moses , See I have made thee a god to Pharaoh ; andAaron thy brother shall be thy prophet '' ;... this was after he was an Egiptian , so now Moses is no longer considered a man , but a God '' Eloheem '' . and Moses as a God '' Eloheem '' goes up to the mountain to receive tables of stone from God , written by the finger of God ( Exodus 31;18 , Deut 9;10 . He spends 40 days andnight up in this montian Exodus 24;18 , 34;28 , Deuter 9;9 . while God is writing 10 commandmentson 2 tables Exo, 31;18 , 32;15 , however it takes God 6 days to create the heaven and the earth Genesis 2;1-2 .

    Think about that . The Bible says in Deut 31;9 , And ( Moses Wrote ) this law , and delivered it unto the priest the sons of Levi , which bare the ark of the covenant of the LORD , and unto all the elder of Israel. ;... So Moses wrote the law for God as a God Exo 7;1 . Why does the Torah speak from the 3rd person singular instead of the 1st person singular .


    Once you approach these scriptures from this point of view, you kind of see things a lot clearer . They all are in a subtle way polytheist claiming to be monotheistic . They all will agree that in Egipt there was A pharaoh named Ankhenation who predates their Torah who they claim worshipped one god '' Atun '' Aten '' . And in commemoration of the one god Aten the Greek named the capital of their city Athens . Their theologian and historians recognize this . so the concept of the embodiment of god into a god head or A monad originated again in Egipt with the supreme being Atum .

    And a gender quality or male and female supreme being given birth to the Duad , which also originated in Egipt with the Ogdoad beginning with Amun and Amunet , Heh and Hehet , Kek and Keket and Nun and Nunet ,

    According to the book entitled '' Myth And Symbol In Acient Egypt '' by R.T.Rundle Clark , page 61 , it states , '' In the form of Atum there came into being heart and there came into being tongue . But thesupreme god is Ptah , who has endowed all the gods andtheir '' Ka's '' through that heart [ of his ] which appeared in the form of '' Horus and through the tongue [ of his ] which appeared in theform of Ptah .
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    Mizraim(otherwise Egypt) is very significant to the history of this entire earth, but they did not form the Christian faith, nor were their works plagiarized for the Old or New Testament as some seem to believe.

    Salvation is of the Jews(Judaeans), which is why the Holy Son sent of the Father was given to His Beloved Israel. All the Holy Doctrine has it's beginning with Adam down the line through Shem all the way to Israel His chosen, just the same where the Faithful Son who was sacrificed for our sins line begins.

    I guess it's easier for some to believe that Christianity is the white man's plagiarized religion, though caucasians were hardly organized when the the first believers in the faith were around. :10500:

    I can see where the Mizraens had wisdom, but again, salvation comes of the Judaeans and even many of them knew this as they waited for the birth of the Christ.

    It's all in faith and belief; do we believe everything we hear in this world? Or do we trust in the Father's Son, the same who came for our sake and was resurrected from the dead so that we'd believe in the Hope He has brought us for life? Only one Way leads to the Kingdom of Heaven and being justified before the Father.

    And His Name wasn't "Jesus". ;)