Black Spirituality Religion : YAAQUB'S GRAFTED SEED

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    Peace and may Benevolence be your guide... this is Bulletin # 108... to acquire the full comprehension of this profound knowledge, start with Bulletin # 2... Our True Origins
    This knowledge is not influenced by the view of a Christian, Muslim or Israelite, nor is this knowledge influenced by any secret society, cult or denomination. This knowledge is influenced by All of the Scriptures and related literature COMBINED, ABSENT of Religion.
    Continuing from Bulletin # 107; The Comforter, The One Yashua (Jesus) Sent...In order to accurately reveal the entire story of YAAQUB the scientist, the events of his origins must be addressed... In all of the ancient teachings of the Egyptians, Zu Aztecs, Hindus, Mayans, record legends of the existence, of the INNER-WORLD. Many of the chambers of the pyramids lead to the Inner-World, also, the AURORA BOREALIS is a reflection of the INNER-SUN. At this point you must be aware, of how the inner-sun originated; refer to Bulletin # 9 - Earth The Sole Survivor part 3.
    The original members of the Hulub, Flugelrods, and the Dunaakial, never exited the Caverns of the inner-Earth to become surface dwellers again. Many of the dissatisfied among them, came to the surface. Of their seeds came, the Nubian of the Dunaakial and the Anglo-Saxon of the Flugelrods. Below the surface of the Earth, there are eight caverns, none of which is Shamballah that is 3,933 miles below the surface. In the caverns that are approximately 1,000 miles below the surface, you'll find a species called the Teros as they are called by Al Manee Germans. However, originally they were called Sunaynans or Siyniyn. In other parts of the caverns you'll find the Duwaani and the Deros originally called Sumuwnean, or Saamiyn, also you'll find the Shuyukh or Dunaakial, whom originally left the planet Rizq, and took residence in Shamballah, but eventually had to set up their own cavern.
    The chief of the Dunaakial named Fuquur of the black seed, married a Sunayan Tero of the brown seed and the Chieftain's daughter, named Lusinas. However, it was against her will, the marriage was arranged to establish peace in the caverns. For the Dunaakial were being attacked by the Saamiyn Dero a violent, destructive and aggressive beings, of which the Teros (Brown seed) were supposed to keep under control. So, to bring about a peaceful co-existence, the chief of the Teros whose name was Laamsa, gave his daughter to Fuquur the chief of the Dunaakial. And Fuquur gave his daughter Radiyyah to Laamsa chief of the Teros, to marry his oldest son named Haatif. Lusinas bore Fuquur no children. She would leave the caverns and go to the surface, and sought out Fuquur's brother named Yiskhawk, who lived in the best part of the planet, what was left of The Enclosed Garden. She was welcomed by Yiskhawk, who hated his brother Fuquur and ultimately took his wife Lusinas as his own.
    An illegitimate birth between Yiskhawk and his brother Fuquur's wife Lusinas occurred. Lusinas was angry with her father for giving her away, for she always longed to marry a Teros such as herself. They gave birth to an unsightly being with the head the size of two men, by no fault of his own. As a child he was the object of much attention, because he had the head the size of two men, and when he grew up, many referred to him as the "Big Head Scientist". Yaaqub eventually wanted to get revenge on his own people, for their relentless scorn and mockery. Malevolence prevailed over his better judgement, and was inspired to do an unforgivable thing. His level of intelligence led him to believe that he could, create a race of people who would rule over his own people, and then the whole world. The people around him that became aware of his diabolical plan would ask, "will these people be wicked and war like?" He would simply answer, only I Know, he was positioning himself to be their God. He Yaaqub got his idea eight thousand - four hundred years ago. He knew it would take six-hundred years to accomplish, which would take him to the year seven-thousand- eight - hundred. Yaaqub's grafted seed evolved before the cursed seed of Canaan, the cursed of Canaan evolved six-thousand-six-hundred years ago... to be continued... next Bulletin; Yaaqub's Grafted Seed part 2... ... Peace