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Jan 3, 2002
IAMJAHLUL <> wrote:

Beloveth Chief,


I see harder times ahead. We are at the mercy of those that feed us, and protect and/or harm us. Not to mention the harm we do to ourselves. Here is a scenario, Barak gets elected president, the government collapses, and there is a new government, and system. With a "black man telling us to go to the concentration camps or that we have a new system is just what is needed by those that run things. Black man and/or a white woman, they respect neither.

Either or will only be a symbol head. The real focus must be on the spiritual warfare that is going on daily. How the food, and weather is being used as weapons against us. The programming is pulluted, and deceptive. These things we all agree on.

Now I am find the battle with freeing ourselves from the evil that posses us and our families is a large task that seems to me to be life & death. Our children are aware that we give them over to the wicked to do what they please with them, then we complain when they play the role better than our oppressor. With the attitude of "get rich, or die trying" as their motto they sale their soul, and never think twice about taking mine or yours.

Chief, as we fight the deceases of the mind, body, and spirit. We know that victory is certain. Divine Order is in full affect. For those that know, I bow to their wisdom to know. To those that don't know, shame on you. Fire burns. The energy is high, and Divine Spiritual matters are happening now. "Feel the Spirit. As my good bredren "Nesta" Marley said. Universally speaking Chief, we have Divine Intervention happening. Chief, tell us of the dark energy in the universe. A now know matter in science. Anyway Chief, just a little chat with you.

"If we know the truth, we must tell it; if we don't, we must learn it!" It
is critical to our spirit and mind.

A Spirit in a man. Not a hu-man, nor person and/or property. Under the law's and jurisdiction of God.
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