Black Poetry : Xtreme Heat in the Winter

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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    The snow is falling gently outside
    Covering everything in its chilly white blanket
    While inside
    I sit back and watch you
    As you emerge from the hot tub
    The steam rising as you exit
    Your body glistening from the glow
    Of the fireplace that is burning bright
    Yet it cannot compare to the fire that is burning within me
    I see you saunter
    Over to a chair
    Where your mink coat rests and I watch you as you wrap yourself
    In the beast
    That is taking my place
    But only for a moment
    Watching you slip into your boots
    That accentuates your shapely legs
    You begin to sway back and forth
    Side to side
    As if you are beckoning me to come
    Present myself before you
    As I walk towards you
    Your body
    Looks so sensual
    In its wetness
    I begin to wonder
    If I may be the towel that is needed to dry you off
    And so I slowly begin to take the coat from off your shoulders
    And lay it carefully to the side
    After all it is a mink
    And there you are
    Your glory is a wonder to behold
    As I lay you down on the black panther rug
    You raise your leg and place it on my shoulder
    As I unzip your boot
    Licking your calf
    Down to your ankle
    Dare I say even to your toes
    And then I begin again with the other
    Just then I notice that you have a strawberry in hand
    And you begin to trace your body with it
    Placing it on the nipples of your succulent breasts
    Giving me notice this is where I should be
    And so I begin to
    Feeling them harden in my mouth
    Kneading your breasts like bread dough
    While allowing the moans from your mouth
    To motivate me further
    I then pull a feather as if out of thin air
    And I begin to trace your body
    But not the area that you traced with the strawberry...
    No I move to lower ground
    Tracing your outer thigh first
    Then your inner thigh
    Until the feather rests
    At the entrance of your garden
    Slowly moving the feather back and forth
    Feeling your thighs begin to tighten
    Watching you bite your lower lip
    you reach over and grab a candy cane that outlines the rug
    and I watch you
    as you begin to lick it
    taking it all in
    making me feel a little envious
    you then offer to share it with me as you take one end in your mouth
    and I take the other in my mouth
    we suck on the cane
    until our lips touch
    and the cane has dissolved
    leaving only our tongues to dance with each other
    my chest against your chest
    my waist against your waist
    my manhood being introduced to your womanhood
    we begin to move in syncopated fashion
    we move in time
    two lovers
    exchanging their gifts
    one with another
    we move fluidly
    turning over and over
    yet still connected
    now you straddle the top of me
    as I stare into your eyes
    realizing you are indeed every woman
    you reach for the whip cream
    that was reserved for this moment
    and you apply it to my chest
    then with your sweet sweet tongue
    you begin to lick it off
    allowing me every now and then to lick the cream from your tongue
    As we ride and stroke
    Mimicking a sleigh ride
    We cum together
    Knowing that this is the beginning of our forever
    As we lay in each other arms while yet connected for the rest of the night…