Phones and Apps : xp phone home ... every day!

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by anAfrican, Jun 8, 2006.

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    <shrug> lots of folks keep saying it, but the pr/marketing team keeps telling you otherwise. and it will prolly only get worse. after all; they're all white folks and what have those "people" ever done good for anything in/on this planet? but, i guess there'll be plenty upgrading to vista ... smh ...

    they finally admitted to this one ... so how many are they not admitting to?:

    "Windows Genuine Advantage" checks to make sure that your copy of windows is "genuine" before you can do an update. it will also check again every ninety days in case microsoft finds out that that key was somehow invalidated. as well, WGA checks in everyday:
    at yahoo! news:
    Microsoft plans better disclosures of tool

    but i like slashdot's title better:
    Microsoft Talks Daily With Your Computer
    includes lots of discussion, some of which discusses how to disable WGA.

    beggin y'all's pardon, but it strikes me that if it is this difficult to get out from under this particular burden handed down by them, how does anyone ever expect to get out from under the other stuff that makes a sanctuary like destee's place so vitally necessary?