Black Poetry : X TA CY Xplored - Bishop and UbZoRbShUn


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Midsummer breeze blowing
And I'm watching you
Devouring you
With my eyes
Wondering if you realize
Just how much
I desire
Imagining kissing the back of your neck
Licking down to the middle of your spine
At the base of your back
Kissing the cheeks
Laying you down
Popping the cork off the champagne
Pouring it down your chest
Over the breasts
As droplets bead on the nipple
Ripple effect
Through your entire being
As the chilled liquid
Crawls down your body
Flowing over and between your thighs
Sweet bubbly foam
Mixed with your juices
To form a delicious nectar
Licking the inner thigh
All the way down and around your shapely legs
Ankle bracelet and toe ring
Being cleansed by the wetness of my tongue
Sensual full body massage
Is the prelude to much, much, more.....

pleasurable kiss placed on ya soul
diamond hard essence my mouth
gently holds tongue strokes
up and down
your creamy lava begins to pound
I can feel your dark soldier quake
shattering your mind soul
gentle body shake
not to quick I want to savor
all that intense sticky mental flavor
love licks across your brow
can you feel me
can you feel me
ummm there is so much more of you I
need to explore starting at the tips of
ya toes delving deep
deeper still into
the abyss of your soul

in my soul you see your image
for this is our destiny
as we partake of one another's essence
experiencing intoxication
of sexual innovations
moving fluidly as one
together climatic eruption after climatic eruption
lost in the pleasure
of this erotic adventure
creamy flow ubzorbed by you
while I'm being drenched in your juice
staring into the windows of your soul
while we engage in this dance
wondering if it will ever end.....

this dance we shall
continue the two of us
me and you discovering
all things new converging
on this exploration of
our new found sexual innovations
glad you extended the invitation for
this erotic filled collaboration
x ta cy
x ta cy yeah that's my trip
as the name Bishop drips
deliciously pleased from my

:blob fire:


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