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    Saw it today... My overall review is 3.5 out of 5.

    The movie is supposedly the last installment, with another episode in the war between the mutants and the humans. Mutants all across the world face their ultimate demise when a weapon is made that could mean the end of all mutants: A “cure” that could turn mutants into regular humans. One of the subplots involves Gene and her inner struggle between her concious self and her unconcious self. This struggle is used to introduce The Phoenix. This movie has a lot of action in it, and a lot of nice special effects… There were some other things that were done with the characters in this movie that I think was a little unneccessary... but overall it was a good movie. Also there are some new additions in this movie as far as characters that I enjoyed... new mutants with new powers... including the installment of The Archangel, Juggernaut, and a host of others... Although I would have liked to have known more about these characters it was nice to see them realized on the silver screen. I also would have liked to know more about The Brother hood that Magneto had… a group of criminal mutants all under Magneto’s influence, which he uses as pawns to wage war against the humans. There is one female mutant that is part of this movement that is jiiii tight... I wanted to know a little more about her also… Halle Berry looking good as always....

    On another note, I did notice that are some subliminal messages and references in this movie that I could relate to the real world… Follow me for a second…

    The concept of mutants vs human beings…

    To me this is a profound analogy of society and how people who are different are violently opposed. People naturally fear what they don’t understand, and attempt to crucify those who don’t follow… The mutants in this movie had powers that people had never seen before… Depending on how you see things, these gifts can also be seen as certain talents that certain humans are born with… like singing, writing, rapping etc. Now we have these mutants who are born with these stunning abilities like the ability to fly, the ability to read peoples minds or walk through walls. A lot of people would pay serious money to have one of those gifts, which is why I think they are hated so much. I think it is fear and jealousy that makes people hate those who dare to be different, or those who are born with gifts that others do not have. This is an obvious subliminal reference that I think most people could grasp if you only use a little bit of mental energy…

    The humans labeling mutants as a threat… reminds me of how George Bush uses the term terrorists… and how anybody that is thought to be a terrorists is seen as an antichrist…

    The Professor and Magneto represent the good side and the bad side of the mutant… The inner struggle of the oppressed mind… The side that wishes to make peace with his oppressor, and integrate into one society… and the side who has been picked on too many times, and no longer wants peace but wishes to make war… Kinda like MLK and Malcolm X… hmmmm…

    I think writers who have a certain message or view of the world will put it subliminally into a movie or a story as a way to convey their message… and to provoke thought… so tell me what do you think…
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    X MEN 3...

    good analogy and review,i was all set to go see x3 but at 104min.i feel it's way too short,so i'll wait for the rental and see it then,i understand that there's movie featuring the wolverine that's coming,should be good if done right and when doing a comic book or science fiction it should be longer than 104min.