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    Note: This was an ad posted online for Rise Up Newletter. It sounds like a great opportunity for those who are interested in our liberation movement.

    Greetings Rise Up Newsletter(R.U.N.) is a spiritual liberation movement. The purpose of the paper is to draw humanity out of its den of ignorance and deception and into the righteousness of divine living. The paper encourages unity and resurection of ancient Afrikan traditions. R.U.N. is given freely to over 2000 readers in Philadelphia NYC Atlanta and Florida. Please visit to get a full understanding of the mission and if you are still interested then please send us an email with your name, contact information, and an original article of your choice based on a health or political issue that will empower the collective Afrikan mind to [email protected]. All article submission must be at least 300 words but can not exceed 700, and if you would like to include an image supporting your article please submitt one in blk and white and the other in color. ******

    Note: All article submissions are submitted out of sefless service i.e. this is not a monetary compensation oppurtunity*******

    [email protected]