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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Each time pass moments shared
only us in memories feelings of cares
without u beside me leaves me bare
with little hope in vision i stare'd

I know we just begin yet so far
our love errupt into scary notions
yet da heart calls , beckoning
for that single embrace

Aften each ring and every knock
we stand apart seeking comfort
allow me inside your temple
let me lace u in da oils of love
and bath u unconditionally

I have tryed to express my heart
and left my soul upon ya step
even given my time shared so u may
once again see clearly of me

Your newless wave has captured me
inside a deep rapture where tis feeling
has carried me
my love lone yours at da bankz of tilly
tonight just u and i can get lost into
what we truely lone to share .

Come share my world !!!!!!:qqb013:

Another lonely letter written against da odds of love

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