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    I'm on and looking for different African writing scripts, but I don't know what names to look for. Can anyone give me a head start on this?
    thanks :)

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    There is more to your quest than you know (or may accept)...

    I usually wouldn’t do this because you seem to be just here on a discovery quest, rather than true intellectual sharing, but I rather you here the truth from Black people before you are bamboozled by the lies of others…others who think they know our culture.

    If you look under Ethiopic, (which includes Omotic, Amharic and Ge’ez), Demotic, Hieroglyphic Egyptian, or Hieroglyphic Meroitic, you will have a beginning point. If you were studious enough you would know that ancient Sabaic, Qatabanic, Himyaritic and Hadhramautic came out of Africa and that early southern Arabians were more of an African people than a Middle or Near eastern Asiatic people. As you should know Arabic derived from Himyaritic. You should know that more Afro-Asiatic languages are spoken and, there are linguistically-speaking, more Afro-Asiatics living, in Africa than in the “so-called” Middle East. And there is really no such thing as a Semitic language group separate from its Hamitic cousin. This is linguistic “racism”.

    So you have to ask yourself …are the Semitic languages Asiatic or African? The Semitic Middle East is a made-up region (read your history books).

    If you were really bold you would take a second look at the Sumerian or the Shang dynasty of China. Asian-Africoids (many times refer to as negroids) have a historical, anthropological and archeological presense in the development of Asian culture (Ooops...I think I just pushed the xenophobic button of many Asiatic scholars).

    But, enough digressing toward the greater truth_lol. Here is a good web page that may help:

    African Writing Systems


    Brother Sun
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    Superb Post!

    So you have to ask yourself …are the Semitic languages Asiatic or African? The Semitic Middle East is a made-up region (read your history books).

    Orisons: Ivan van Sertima made the point in a video lecture I have based on his book “They came before Columbus-The African Presence in Ancient America”; that there is no “Script" of European origin whereas there at least half a dozen African ones.