Black Poetry : Writing praise

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    Writing praise

    and the most exciting phrase

    to hear Is “oh dear I love you”

    along with a hug or two,

    need a sincere girl in my dandy world

    with candy curls

    to run my fingers Through, don’t fear computers

    it appear I’m at HOOTERS

    My facts stem

    and from the lack of them

    the world need tutors

    From a nice hood

    so life is good but twice I got stood

    up for a hot date that’s not great

    no props for hate

    good luck not in my vocabulary

    gonna grab a girl and marry

    put a ring on it

    wear bling let her moms and pops condone it

    just my thing right now my position is troublesome

    catching friction like Bubblegum

    it’s really chewing on me up, hormones tender height

    Some girl should surrender tonight,

    I see one forever wet a clever bet

    she never let

    her guard down, intention grows

    extreme endeavors of those who

    dream by day

    I try stay

    normal really want cake, look

    I itch for cake

    the thoughts which escape

    my brain is some shook Lovetalk wanna stay strongly right

    but only by night

    destiny Changed

    my recipe rearranged

    to sex mania wow no rest for me

    Plenty bling

    and many things

    don’t make sense

    want cake and Convinced

    this chick can help me, wanna a bizaare fun plan

    Girls are the ones can

    make that happen

    want cake so I’m rapping

    In HOOTERS but now thinking and linking with this chick tapping

    into emotion with body language, oh my how time fly

    its on my mind to try

    pull this wet chick

    and I get sick

    just the strong effect she’ll have on my body