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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
Hey Fambly.

I am changing the content of the class to focus on more practical forms of writing such as resumes, press releases, grants or whatever.

So if there is any kind of document you want to learn how to write, list it here, or join us every Saturday @ 6 pm ET.

Da River


May 6, 2002
Life Coach
Thanks fora asking. How kind of you.

I want to learn how to write a business plan/proposal and grants.

thank you.

One thing isnt very clear my love, should the teacher stand so near my love. lol

U silly :)


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Apr 3, 2007

Sister Rivers,

I'm going to risk my fragile ego , to ask if you would be interested in first; critiquing some novels for me, and if you think they have promise, perhaps revising them where need be--for pay of course. I want the brutal truth from another writer so if I'm wasting my time, I can find better things to do.

Depending on your price I might have to first let you do one, then later the other two.

Haven't had much luck trying to hook up with these talented people on Destee with stuff (I guess it's my grating charm) but If you will consider it, we got to keep this on a business tip if you nah mean.

If you want to do it-- I'm going to tell you now; my stuff is fiction that basically boils down to Nimrod, freedom, Babylon (I'm pro)-- and unorthodox points of view about life, history and religion.

The reason I'm telling you that even though we're talking about fiction here, is because I know most people will have a problem with what I say or write for a lot of reasons.

I want somebody who can be professional about this--which means nonjudgmental about the ideology of the work.

If you can't do it let me know if you know anyone who can. I'm approaching you first because I can sense integrity. I not going to deal with anybody who going to be passing my stuff around before I'm ready to do it myself.

I forgot. If you prefer to correspond outside the forum>>[email protected]


Watch Her Flow
Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
Hello and thank you for the votes of confidence you express. Your work sounds interesting. Please forgive me for not getting back to you sooner. Not a lot of people leave messages here so I was not expecting one. Unfortunately my plate is full right now so I will not be able to commit quality time to critiquing your novels

Here is an excellent book that can give you whatever guidance I could offer

Beyond Style by Gary Provost

Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri

Although this book ddals with stage plays he goes into detail about such things as Unity of Opposites and Orchestration that can turn any writer into a great author.

I hope these will be useful for you.

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