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Writers Block

Hi Monet,
Sorry for this late reply. In answer to your concern about Writers Block, I offer this advice. JUST write. Start with your name, places you've been, things you've done, etc. Or you might just stare out the window and write what you see, Is it a peaceful sky? Are birds flying? Is is raining? Is there a breeze? Well, you get the picture. Often times our minds get cloudy and we have to become focused. And in order to do this we must get back to basics. When you start to write sentence by sentence with no story in mind, you'll find that this exercises the brain and stimulates activity that will stir your creative juices. Try it!

As far as publication, there is no easy way! But you can maintain your integrity by demanding a say in the way your project will be handled after a major house has picked it up. I don't know of many people who have been successful with those methods, but the more popular you are the more muscle you have.

It is good to self-publish if you want total control. You have the content, book style, and cover to your specifications. Then later you have the option of shopping your book around for major distribution. Although some authors prefer to remain self-published.

Hope this helps!



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