Black Poetry : Write plenty quotes for many folks in hopes that this abolish battles and polish saddles to gallop i

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    Write plenty quotes for many folks in hopes that this abolish battles
    and polish saddles to gallop in peace and now cyber wars seem to rattle
    nations, I see divers as three survivors tell of a shark attack which
    a dark whack memory on them it was not a swim of pleasure they itched
    for a good time, you can't extinguish English without hurting grammar
    and flirting glamour will be a thing of the past need nails and a hammer
    in order to fix this, put down words in writing use nouns and verbs exciting
    nerds be biting this stuff right here, the phat spin at the end attract chick
    because the facts are sick these acts are thick like molasses get a quick
    date “SO BOO you a brown girl probably been around the world your
    cake is phat action and I'll get great satisfaction out of getting some
    got my TOYOTA at the bar and it's a motor-car a drop top come from
    JAPAN, girl you clever galore and may evermore be fine and brown
    something I can wrap my mind around, now this is crown and renown
    BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH my hands were tied look
    at your body and it's stir fried” 'NAW PLAYER my panties wet and shook
    let them cook got a boss pie so phat can't falsify that you toss fly words
    at my ear oh dear can't take it feel so naked this make it worthwhile birds
    thirst for miles when I wave my panties in the air like I don't care oh
    a brown SOUL SISTA go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH get so
    hot down there, “OK LETS sit in the car to cool down not to fool around
    because I'm hot already and you plot steady to get some and that astound
    me as fake mean false and my cake is boss boys wanna make me take
    my clothes off I say nope and they kiss my lips right there oh great
    but no cake words false not real but a hot deal I can't take advantage
    you could end up with cake and a sandwich end up with a bandage
    after that, “I REMEMBER I was wit this boy in his ride problem solved
    what a job had to find answers his mind on dancers jest left the club involved
    with a slow dance that bought romance for him no chance at sex and next he
    jesr kissed my lips on the dance floor enhance my hormones evermore it be
    like a ROMEO AND JULIET he said 'BOO let down your hair” oh no mess
    around and be in an affair, the air is right for that today he looked at my breasts
    I guess wanted some milk, grade A I was afraid to say nope he told me dope
    stuff and hope to huff and puff on the backseat, oh gosh he wanted to grab cake
    kiss my lips and navigate my ship try be romantic my Titanic sunk it's too late
    this boy could drown downtown