Black Poetry : Write Me Sometime

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    how many facets can you see?
    how many aspects of your personality you have?
    do you enjoy listening to the sounds?
    what makes you heard when underneath ground?
    why reason captures hearts captive?
    when can satisfaction get satisfaction?
    which way is heaven?
    where is your direction?
    can we have dinner of two?
    who is here? could it be me or you?
    you like being invisible?
    i felt you straight knocking at my temple.
    whose dimples crush love into pieces?
    why you got ghost when logic faith your season?
    how can we be definitely free?
    when open heart surgery is done on you by me?
    is this world a joke or a fantasy?
    how is reality?
    why are we neutral?
    why rotation spins?
    when is the ending?
    where beginning birth how?
    so you are my flavor from north to south?
    loving you is the depths of all i got?
    how can we be live when behaviors direct us not?
    why am i the plot?
    i was going to ask you the same question,
    just write me sometime.