Black Spirituality Religion : Wrestle with God=Jacob's Pineal Gland

Ouch! I had to bite my tongue so hard on that one that it hurt. The protected status Christians enjoy in the Christian 'Study' forum is a sore point with me.

In the real world, they hide behind the State. Here, they hide behind Mama Destee's skirts in the foxhole she has allowed them to dig into in their Christian 'Study' Group.

Are you sure you really wanna open yourself up to my attacks out here beyond the DMZ? I got about two or three months worth of material I been holding back on ...


Like Niecy said, "Do Whatcha Feel." :lol:
Shems Nbedjer

Brother Shems, this is just a "heads-up" to you....I don't think you were aware of it because you've only been a member here for a month...

But, according to the Rules for this site, you MUST give the LINK to any other site where you have COPIED/PASTED from.

Otherwise, this is PLAGIARISM and STEALING somebody else's words.

You can not present somebody else's words AS YOUR OWN.

This is explained in the "FORUM RULES" found here:

Your ENTIRE first post comes from here:

And your post #22 comes from here:

Again, this is just a "heads-up," so you'll be aware and avoid any future "attention" from the Moderators.....Over the years, many members here have been "Warned" and/or "Suspended" for violating this citation rule.

...Just remember to give the LINK to where YOU got it FROM. :toast:
Shems Nbedjer ... cherryblossom is right ... thanks Sister.

You can't add giant excerpts of other people's work without their permission, and to add small excerpts of it, you need to include a link where we can read it in its entirety ... she's absolutely right ... it's a rule - #2 to be specific.

Please refrain from adding other people's property without their permission included with their work, unless of course it is your property, as Sister Cherry shared.





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