Black Poetry : Wrecking Cats

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    Wrecking Cats

    Wreck systems with mechanism that fail to begin
    You prevail with thin thinking I have to really grin
    HA! HA! A fiyah burning prior to learning your true
    Destiny only a few recipe apply you know how we do
    Put strings in shoes wear bling with crews and sing
    The blues like BB KING see my thing is to rip and cling
    To microphones and my reputation without separation from
    HIP HOP vocab great and prevail when I elaborate in detail some
    Things be happening quick when I’m rapping thick and trapping
    Chicks with love adventures, scrub my denture with Crest napping
    In a queen size bed a scheme wise in my head its worth slapping
    The sense right out of MC’S my navigator seems to be mapping
    This raw stuff is like sawdust get in your eyes when it flies
    Then fries brains like catfish some phat ish is being dished no lies
    My brain suffers from fragmentation every time
    I use my plain imagination it bury my heavy mind
    Lyrical in fact stay in physical contact with microphone
    Smack Dome with words and verbs, and quick I’m gone
    Looks deft got books on a shelf have pages of rages begin
    With sex in the index and chapters for rappers a real trend
    Put everything in order while my bling slaughter eyes with shine
    Stuff dope got wild medical rules have to attend special schools
    To understand this plan which is in demand stuff not for fools
    Restricted my vibes and like convicted spies I’m locked up
    Go to FARM FRESH get bagels and set my table it potluck
    Breakfast time look got strong math that proceed along
    A path of numbers which give me hummers online to own
    During summer time, got cats wanting to battle me unknown
    And rattle you see forgot where the cake from running around
    Lame and dumb putting up fronts as a clown just a punk down
    With no love in your heart knew you was scrub from the start
    Look I’m a concerned soldier need to turn over a new leaf depart
    Form stupidity my dumb humidity is fogging my thinking it’s
    Stinking I’m too conceded to communicate being a puny legit
    Fake hiding behind excuses, look if excuses was a hot dag yall
    I’ll be on everybody’s bread be sols at Seven Eleven as a tall
    Spicy hot