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    Steve Cokely has passed on

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    Steve Cokely has passed away on April 11, 2012. Although many people did not know Steve Coakely, he was famous for his social and political thought. Cokely was best known as a conspiracy theorist.
    Steve Cokely is a political researcher and lecturer who has lectured nationally on political and economic issues especially as they relate to the Black community. At the time Cokely served as special assistant to the former mayor of Chicago, [[Eugene Sawyer.> He was also assistant to the special committee on rules under the late then Mayor Harold Washington, Steve Cokely is also a futurologist who has commented extensively on water conservation, organic farming, and communal living. Cokely has given over 5,000 lectures in the past decade alone on the topic of global warming and corporate conspiracies, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, etc. Cokely's research delves into the history of Marcus Garvey, the Black Panthers and other areas of African-American history.
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    May he now
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    [​IMG]He was suffering from congested heart failure. This pic was taken in 2009.

    [​IMG] He was supposed to go on air with Jack Blood from Deadline Live on Monday when he got out of the hospital but he died that Monday. Read the rest --> Steve Cokely Gone But Never Forgotten
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    May the Ancestors be blessed by his work!!
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    I spoke to Steve in April 2012...........................he said he was doing better......DO NOT ACCEPT...that he just passed away........there is more to this than what appears to matter what, I am grateful to Brother Stephen for all he has done......akweba//ase ase ase:10200:
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    I had the blessed opportunity to ride in the car with thos brother for thrre hours. Then to listen to him lecture. He was truely a gift of GOD. REST IN PEACE ...loss of a good brother.
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    I/WE will always be in his debt for providing this document highlighting the diverse array of TRAITORS in our socio-eccomic-elite/communities and countries?

    Steven Cokely has done research, which has exposed the FACT that 90% of the (Greek orientated) Coloured/Negro/Black secret societies are very powerful (literally the eyes and ears within our community’s) tools of White Supremacy, as that is an integral function of their formation, funding and influence within the social Establishment of the West in general, the USA in particular.
    The leader and overall controllers of these Traitors in the USA [who the ancestors and their mutilated and murdered siblings will forever CURSE] are THE BOULÉ AKA, SIGMA PI PHI fraternity, Inc.
    They were founded May 15, 1904 in Pennsylvania making them the first Negro fraternity in the USA; as the first African American College fraternity (Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc) was not founded until December 4th, 1906. The BOULÉ’s organisational structure is based on copying that of Yale University’s “Skull & Bones” secret Society.
    The Boulé’s primary founder was Dr Henry Minton (along with Dr’s Eugene T Henson, Edwin Clarence Howard, Algernon Brashear Jackson, Robert Jones Abele and Richard John Warwick) of Philadelphia.
    They are the so called “TALENTED 10TH” mentioned by W.E.B. Dubois who [could be known as the Treacherous 10th by their actions] are affiliated through the Masonic Lodges they are brothers in to the COMMITTEE OF 300, a group of White Supremacist Caucasian Parasites and their AUTOMATON like lackeys of many hues; who (also call themselves the OLYMPIANS or Bilderbergers).
    This diverse assortment of Mutant Albino Defectives [literally MAD Palefaces] allegedly led by the “Old Noble Families of Europe” see themselves as humanity’s elite whilst actually being a particularly malignant cancer, who are focused on literally bleeding the World to death by working very hard on fulfilling a Luciferian agenda (Humanity’s spiritual/intellectual destruction, which is enhanced and advanced by Wars, poverty and racial hatred), because Lucifer/Satan is both their mentor and God.
    Because they (the BOULÉ) are committed to maintaining the existing White Supremacist Racist status quo/doing exactly what they are told by these PALEFACE LUNATICS, these so clueless Coloureds, Negroes, Blacks (as opposed to truly conscious Africans) are projected and promoted into prominent positions, thus they are literally the wealthiest group of people of African ethnicity on the planet.
    There are 4000+ of them but they only position themselves in total subservience to the Caucasian Elite; thus they are not allowed (and most wouldn’t and don’t think to) to do anything to help and support African Americans in the USA, or other Africans anywhere in the Diaspora and Africa itself.
    In 1994 they were known to be affiliated to 101 chapters in the World, thus as well as being extremely wealthy they have strong political connections in the USA the rest of the Diaspora, and even in Africa.
    However their perspectives and objectives are so brutally White Supremacist that they are known to have been involved in both the organising and commissioning of the operatives that performed the assassinations of both Malcom X and Martin Luther King; as well as many other acts of despicable treachery against progressive African (American) leaders and communities in both the USA and the Diaspora.
    The American Dream is a nightmare for non-Caucasians in general, African and Native Americans in particular. Doesn’t the theft of the Native American’s land added to the genocide inflicted on the majority of them means that as a country the USA can only ever be at best morally bankrupt, as opposed to their pretentious delusions with regard to being Humanity’s benevolent guardians?
    In the scramble for looting the wealth and resources of Africa in the 1800’s, the most powerful European nations literally carved Africa up on a map to create territories expedient to their needs, with no regard as to the African peoples (who were treated worse than the lower animals) already living there which is one of the main reasons many of these so called countries; are still having difficulty functioning as socially, ethnically and economically viable nations today.
    On their plantations in the South of the USA, White Supremacist Caucasians moulded Africans into two distinct groups, house Negroes (who were Uncle Tom types who would do anything to other Blacks to protect their White Masters) and field Negroes (who tended to be more disruptive as they were real Africans, thus they were worked harder and treated worse).
    This very efficient system of social control has evolved with the BOULÉ being the equivalent of house Negroes; in that in return for access to material wealth and prosperity, they’re not allowed to help (or show interest in) the rest of us) instigate and orchestrate the African Renaissance in the 21st century..
    Their successful acquisition of wealth within the system, supposedly highlighting that the endemic Institutional Racism that blocks our collective advancement does not exist, and that we should all SELL-OUT by using these truly lost/confused Coloured/Negro/Black TRAITORS as role models.
    The BOULÉ’s New York chapter was founded by W.E.B. Dubois, who openly said “The BOULÉ” was created to give the Black Professionals and financial elite guidance, but what he meant was under control i.e. away from the growing ranks of followers of Marcus Garvey and his ilk.
    From a White Supremacist status quo’s perspective Garvey was a living nightmare in that his organisation had over a million members; which he had achieved without the aid of radio or TV (neither of which were widely available to African Americans or anyone at that time) or mass media advertising and promotion.
    Dubois and the rest of this secret society were the strongest Black (Negro as opposed to conscious African) opponents of Marcus Garvey, thus they utilised the prominent social status they were given by the establishment, within our society to ridicule and undermine and eventually destroy him and his organisation.
    Marcus Garvey whose innovative perspective made him the most influential thinker (Mahatma Ghandi and Ho Chi Min were inspired by and acted on his concept of Asia for the Asians, and Africa for the Africans) of the 20th century was constantly belittled and treacherously manipulated (by BOULÉ agents) and attacked by these Negro parasites.
    Marcus Garvey’s greatest and only crime; the conceptual design and actual construction of the largest most viably intelligent, strategically focused (for our long term socio-economic development) grassroots organisation of Africans in the USA (and the rest of the Diaspora).
    Garvey had (very naively) publicised in great detail all of his plans to take as many Africans from the America’s to start a settlement in Liberia; which would sustain itself by helping the Liberian Africans to utilise their resources (Rubber and a range of minerals) for building their own industrial infra-structure up, instead of just selling the resources to the West at pitifully low prices.
    He said “If the Oil of Afrika is good for the Rockerfeller’s, and the Iron is good for the Carneige Trust; these minerals are good for us. Why should we allow Wall Street and the Capitalist Groups of Amerikka and Europe to exploit Africa when they refuse to give us a fair chance in any of the countries their ancestors enslaved us to build? Why shouldn’t Africa give the world an African Rockerfeller, Rothschild and Henry Ford”?
    Marcus Garvey’s very logical agenda would have completely undermined the existing White Supremacist status quo had it been allowed to proceed, with Goodyear and US Steel and many other Multi-National Companies profitability totally compromised.
    The Boulé were ordered to destroy Garvey’s organisation by any means, because its success would have set the precedent that Africans (and all non Caucasians) could take control of their land and mineral wealth with a focus on using their resources for themselves. Capitalist White Supremacists like to have access to raw materials and resources (of Africa especially) cheaply (or for nothing) to generate the huge profits that enhances their dominance in all areas of human activity.
    The meaning of the BOULÉ Logo-Sphinx; their colours and more of their connections with Freemasonry.
    Let’s start with their Logo. In the background there appears to be a Sphinx, true but not truth. The Sphinx as built thousands of years ago by Africans in Kemet (Egypt) was called Her-em-akhet, which means Heru of the horizon, and has the face of Khufu who it was built to honour by his son Djedefrah [whose very spectacular pyramid was demolished by Octavian’s jealously of it’s splendour].
    However any dictionary will explain that the Kemetian Sphinx had the face of a man with the body of a lion, while in Greek mythology it had the face of a woman with breasts and wings, whose function was that of an inquisitive malevolent guardian and protector.
    In the Greek myth the Sphinx was the guardian of the city of Thebes, thus anyone going there had to answer a riddle she posed and failure to answer correctly would lead to her tearing you to pieces and devouring you. Creon, the king of Thebes wanted to get rid of this wild guardian so he offered Oedipus his crown and his daughter if he could kill the Sphinx.
    Accepting the challenge Oedipus confronted the Sphinx and was asked “What has one voice, goes on four feet, on two feet and on three”. He answered “Man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two as an adult and walks with a stick in old age”. Because he answered the riddle correctly the Sphinx committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, and Oedipus subsequently married king Creon’s daughter and was proclaimed King of Thebes by, for outsmarting the beast.
    The Sphinx (from an African centred perspective) is a symbolic representation of the Sphinc’ter, which is a muscular membrane that is actually a means of protecting the human body from harmful substances and intrusions. There are eight sphincters in the body of a man and nine in a woman. There are also Spiritual Sphincters in the Ears, Navel, Breasts and Genitalia of humans. When or if we ever achieve Spiritual maturity, we will be able to operate the spiritual Sphincters at will.
    The fact that so many Negro Masonic lodges and Black fraternities (like Alpha Phi Alpha) identify themselves using Greek words highlights the fact that their Sphinx is a symbolic representation of their focus of guarding and protecting our White Supremacist status quo, as opposed to being a means of (both individually and collectively) guarding and protecting Africa and Africans (including African Americans) best interests and security throughout the World. . An insight as to how effective the BOULÉ have been was very discretely published (other references to the spy story, Nation 5/3/93; U.S. News and World Report 4/5/93)in the Memphis Commercial Appeal 3/12/93 about the Army Spy Network, which dates back to May 3, 1911. Newton D Baker (CFR) the Secretary of War ordered Lt Ralph von Deman to set up a Black Intelligence unit to monitor ‘Negro Unrest’.
    This spy unit was dominated by BOULÉ members, because the Army had to recruit Negros who they felt could be trusted. Emmit Scott ( BOULÉ) became Newton D Baker’s special assistant because he used his charm and intelligence to persuade many Negroes to join the Armed forces (at a time when lynching PICNICS were still a regular feature of our oppression within the USA) and function as a part of this unit spying on our community’s. He was later rewarded for his subservience and treachery by being made a Grand Sire Archon within the BOULÉ.
    The BOULÉ controlled Black Press ran a story on Clifton Wharton-Former Defence Secretary of State (CFR) and Trustee of the Rockerfeller Foundation (Feb 4, 1994), highlighting his successes and promoting him as a role model for African Americans. What they didn’t mention is the fact that Clifton Wharton had hosted a BOULÉ convention at which David Rockerfeller (just to highlight who these mindlessly AUTOMATON like Uncle Tom type Negroes look up to) was guest of honour.
    A BOULÉ membership book came up with some interesting names, like Dr Daniel Hale Williams (who performed the 1st Open Heart surgery), Ralph Bunch-Former UN Ambassador, Arthur Ashe, James Baldwin, Whitney Young-Urban League President, Martin Luther King Jr, Benjamin Mays, George Washington Carver and Carter G. Woodson (who have all died without mentioning or acknowledging their Masonic fraternal connections).
    Maynard Jackson-ex Mayor of Atlanta, Hank Aaron-baseball great, Tom Bradley-TV Personality, Dennis Archor-Mayor of Detroit, Elvin Big ‘E’ Hayes, Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, Earl Graves, John H Johnson, Douglas Wiler Johnnie Cochran, John Singleton, Lynn Swann, David Dinkins-ex Mayor of New York City are some of the more prominent members.
    Steven Cokely says “Yes the BOULÉ is in your Town. Anywhere there are prominently successful, or Professional Blacks, Chances are they’re in the BOULÉ”.
    We owe brother Cokely a huge debt for his tireless dedication and research to highlight to the masses of Nubian people the fact that most of the most materially successful peoples of African descent in the USA and the Diaspora have pledged their allegiance to the White Supremacist Racist controlled Masonic Lodges.
    They are literally taking orders from our enemies as opposed to being at the forefront of instigating, orchestrating and funding our fight (to gain revenge and justice for our ancestors and their tortured, mutilated and murdered siblings suffering by striving to by any means necessary to create and enhance our Socio-economic independence in every area of human activity.
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    R.I.P my brotha.

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