Black Poetry : Wow~ is this....

Well, I'm home... thanks ma!

When I left work, the "Blak's ,magic wasn't workin to well and he was havin' some technical difficulty with the cache thang on his computer...I'm sure he'll make his way ~ but if you have any other tips on helpin' him get to our new home ~ please let me know so that I can toss him a rope to reel him in....
Blak told me on the other board that he'd cleared his cache and was still not able to make it home. I don't really have any other suggestions, cause it may just be that his ISP has that page cached and we have to wait a *minute* till he can get here. Many who couldn't make it before are slowly, surely coming back home.

Blak said that when he gets here he don't want nobody in his bed! hahaha :lol:

I can hardly wait till he gets here ... hopefully it will be real soon.




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