Black Poetry : Wow I was about to rule but dropped out of school without education no devastation retard was collis


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May 11, 2006
Wow I was about to rule but dropped out of school without
education no devastation retard was collisions with hard
decisions was having visions of picking cotton hid in the yard
come with voice and dismount from a horse because when
strapped in a saddle time to do rap battle no flaws then
check my pride and affection then reach in a specified
direction touch a girl and search the world of love tried
to trap one after I rap a ton of sweet stuff that's stir fried
squeeze hope's hand tease with a dope plan but will hide
my true feelings which are overdue for healing now girl
you new from VIRGINIA BEACH you a true peach a pearl
I'm due to reach by next year and have sex right here
since your sexy lips spin my head we could end up sincere
in bed, morally good and vocally hood dust fly on the scene
as these words justify my means must try to stay clean
accept love and step to the club girl help a thug it seem
can't find a queen and my mind lean toward you boo tonight
wear bling wanna do the right thing like SPIKE LEE awight?
Think you like me, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH
I'm quite right tonight but criticize even though witty and wise teach
me how to dougie boo you got a lovely crew you hot and pure and
I'm not you wanna be my girlfriend and make my world spin plan
to take you out have steak no doubt is OUTBACK open doe we stand
wait for a table boo with cake I'm able to be great in bed hold hands
got goals and plan to see them through and I'll be with you have cans
of sardines you can be my bar queen in the car scream while we make
love, mad strife a dumb spin that must come to a end want some cake
so I'm a beast while rapping nothing cease to happen because love stopped
as quickly as it had begun, mad fun could end up a sad one in HIP HOP
this not a parade so hey this must fade away being persuade to say I
love you boo so “lets Stay Together” like AL GREEN wanna play with pie”
“NAW PLAYER YOU know how you be somehow I see right through your
game no true fame in that, if there's friction I'm fleeing home soar
by being known walk no doubt and talked about by plenty folks because
of the many quotes that are dropped been around the world no flaws
Soul Sista a brown girl let my nouns hurl keep my dress down try not
hurl brown round butt and boys wanna sweet talk me so I duck a lot
like buck shots they aim straight at cake for real yall be on the spot
now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH I'm brown Soul Sista
and divine dancers find answers and explanations to sex situations blister
the floors of the club looking for one in car fun awaits with the right mister
well I may mess around but my dress is pulled down this boy really want some
bad, came with a rap mood of aggression, aptitude of expression with dumb
ability to do learn words and turn verbs into action, satisfaction better come
out of this event no doubt frequent kissing can lead to different things thumbs
up, your plan and vapor is rough like sandpaper a hot groove but not smooth
aware of flavor and their behavior plans collide and cause landslides groove
be like crazy boulders and girls be with baby strollers oh a girl thoughts vary
in school sometime contrary to the rules on the prairie it's cool dairy
blues take effect, wow we in front of KFC can't stunt for the deft of me
smell chicken in the kitchen being stir fried KEMPSVILLE Road and big tree
stands these VIRGINIA BEACH boys know I have a brownie issue and they be like
BOUNTY tissue a quicker picker upper, I can end up in drop tops hyped
screaming and creaming with a boy jest going crazy on it for real all type
of juice will splash it's a thrill to smash my cherries “YEAH BOO I BET it's
wet so get in the car lets drive off” got bold dubs and roll to clubs
need affection to proceed with direction and speed, I flow well above
others and that propel us in butter conversations of domination scrubs
be thrill forever but will never understand what happening here back rubs
in the bathtub down a path of love with dove soap love and hope play a part
travel in the car down gravel very far while I unravel your bra have a heart-
heart talk on the block you sweet like a flock of sheep while I drop deep
love talk in your ear you walk and hear my body calling we stop on the street
kiss and reminisce speakers in headrests sweeter red lips and breasts keep
me in mind boo” “OK it seem tonight a beam of light flashed in front of me
you wanna unbutton my dress and push some sudden mess into my ears see
this menu clears a path to the bedroom so your head is tuned to get some be sly
because you see pie so you wanna pocket my chocolate in the form of a Hershey
bar and be thirsty in the car for sex, struck me with a kiss but I best duck this mercy
please he want pie tonight under skylight try fight the feeling but the hormones
get the wet best of me he look at my breast and see they're poking he wanna bone
my lips are red cake I got a headache I sit down he may git to play around he shut
the door but there's more to come he kissed my lips right there in the car couldn't strut
off even though my butt soft even King Tut would toss my panties up right now
locate the club and donate love it go great in the bathtub with suds somehow
boom! He jest got my tongue I was moving my thing around he broke into
a cold sweat oh my thing bold and wet e rubbed the phat lips on it begin a true
love affair your scripture is fine enough to put a picture in my mind so its
“Just my Imagination" like the TEMPTATIONS
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