Black Poetry : WOW HE’S THINKING:

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    I bet she dress in mad silk and her boyfriend add milk to her brisk coffee
    As they kiss softly he probably get tongue fed while sprung in the bed bossy
    Love talk is used by him oh bling and things cum together or whatever but
    Like the weather she’s wet, he jest kiss her lips as she reminisce with hips stuck
    On beauty she has butt and booty, he don’t know what to do at this point
    A kiss anoints her lips, he probably jest throw her in the bed and finger joints
    Pop, for her candies he prepare if she throw her panties in the air he’ll probably
    Catch them in his mouth and jest suck the juice right out of them quick wobbly
    Love, Butt great I think she’s jest a cup cake to bake in bed, think her boyfriend
    Really talk to her a lot about stuff and no doubt huff and puff and enjoy when
    She’s hot down there juice be around everywhere including the mattress
    Boyfriend looks at her nice thighs wanna slice her pies while she play actress
    She can’t duck the stress he suck her breasts and say boo I love you hot girl
    Jest let me rock your world I’m shock when you hurl butt and wear candy curls
    Wanna take her to bed put her out of action no doubt there’s satisfaction to be
    Had and he see mad love in front of his face now in a hunt for lace and the key
    Is to kiss her lips and take brisk sips of tongue get sprung and git some ooh wee!
    Yeah I bet her boyfriend rap everyday and then adapt a play that fakes
    Fear and like SHAKESPEARE become a dramatic representation lakes
    Wet sands he get to stand on shore and plan more things to say for cakes
    I bet she scream and cream at the same time can’t blame the wine for
    That she’s brave to be flirting today and behave a certain way his car
    Await her at the bar cake occur, she’s thrilled in America and fulfil
    The character of beauty, confetti is brisk lips ready to be kiss and build
    A love affair, she jest let him go crazy on it, a sweaty fact as he’s ready
    To act on sexual advice which is mad nice, I bet her name is Betty
    Tonight the juice is correct and that produce an effect his luck deep
    Like truck seats and her donuts is in heat it’s jest Krispy Kreme to eat
    Got butter pride and renown she came from the other side of town
    She has the tools for the job and in school involved with love affairs
    Which is a pie policy of high quality, she jest let the real fresh airs
    Blow on her bless pair of breasts this begin nice and small like
    Like a penknife yall a kiss can cut through tough leather and hype
    I bet she wear perfume chilling in a room or building the status of her
    Apparatus is sex got lace and lips her place equipped with bed stuff occur
    At night she prefer the light remain on, a kiss has been known to change
    Things her boyfriend wearing strange bling now the bed cover is rearrange
    Body has enough steam and wet like the Gulf Stream it’s a sure bet
    She’s a cutie like JLO got booty and a HALO like BEYONCE she jest let
    Her boyfriend have his way, she see lies and be surprise they there he regret
    None he jest want a wet one, she’s hot and fine he spent a lot of time loving
    Doing some divine hugging, she in bra and panties she grow alert he’s rubbing
    Ready to go to work and no jerk would turn this moment down their affair strong
    Her hair long got a clean skull his talk extreme but dull like R KELLY nothing wrong
    With a little bump and grind she got junk on her mind, he jest cum frequent with
    Some event she’s on a phat page of fame but at this stage of the game accept the gift
    Body forever soft he’s better off to jest kiss her lips and try do what he came to do lift
    Her skirt, around home in a gown she roam she’s down with the chrome on his car
    But unknown so far on when he’s gonna ask her for a little, everything groovy so far
    He wants to be a movie star but jest a newbie at the bar that could be a difficult result
    She sincere and cute he can’t jeer and hoot her body just clear fruit modern day cult
    A proud mister and in a loud whisper he says I love you boo and she falls in his arms
    He jest kiss her lips right there in that house he was ready to play cat and mouse
    She so tender and wet the agenda is set may as well surrender and get aroused
    Sex is plenty big no way is she a guinea pig they lack details but she have facts
    As a female, round thighs and renown eyes she got a pound of pies and a sack
    Of love, the edge of the bed is broken and her legs wide open he jest kiss her
    Lips right there in the bed room and say sweet heart you street smart and occur
    Ready her thighs were sweaty now he jest get her wet tongue he’s very sprung
    Romance and lace led to an expanse of space definitely a chance to taste some
    With his tongue, she couldn’t go anywhere and far as pudding plenty there
    A trendy stare made her aware that he really wanted some bad they jest share
    Kisses, her butter scatter but that’s another matter can’t clutter a platter with
    Love alone he’s a batter on home plate wants to own her cake and get wet swift
    Crumbs and yell yum yum like RED ROBBIN the bed throbbing like a headache
    And her lips are red cake, she’s so hot down there, he probably go to bed late
    And can write a terrific notation at a specific location see perfume and sniff it
    For motivation, he’s able to set her table then butter and wet her bagel drift wit
    Love thoughts in his mind taught by divine emotions an ocean of drowning legit
    Sex, EBONICS complex cell phone ironic text can lead to chronic sex I bet
    She jest let him go completely crazy and break the bed it happen no regret
    Her lace fine like a case of wine thinking about her erased his mind he’s sweaty
    And ready to chase in behind her wow he must talk to her throw up the confetti