Black Poetry : Would You?

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    Would you pay me to train you?
    Teach you some things, a trade
    Some skill or craft?

    That was outdated in its application, that you could not use
    To improve your life?


    Then why settle that a College teaches outdated theory and subject matter.
    Requiring one to spend hundreds of hours
    And unlimited dollars to later find you can’t use that crap.

    Would you allow me to take your earnings?
    Based on some arbitrary law that passed
    Because I am a State of this Nation
    Given power to levee tax


    Then why does each and every state in this union do this trick
    Take your state tax dollars, your sweat hard earned dollar
    And squander it and it don’t suffer attack.

    A backlash of complaints


    Plain as the nose on your face, you took my money
    Now give me back some city services, something in return
    Fix the broken sidewalk where I live.
    Productive dollars that I earned

    Would you continue to give those levees?
    That pays for inadequate protects
    Of Police brutality, they get their salary
    From the same dip in your pay check.


    All around us are things that we see they seem
    Inadequate, not serving our needs
    It is not an illusion
    If it causes confusion
    It’s because you feel helpless to act.

    There are organizations that are put into place
    To monitor and to correct

    If the voices don’t go to the ears on the floor of the city council
    Then they just sit back.

    And pimp some more, drink up your dollar
    In tow are the citizens like you and I

    Were behind that truck with the hook in our butts.
    No pain relief or doctor can fix
    Maybe a letter, us communicating better
    that we won’t continue to tolerate this slap.
    In the face of every citizen, it does not appear
    Only dark skinned brothers and dark skin sisters I hear

    We Rise and we Fall
    we Fall and We Rise
    An inability to maintain the pressure on those and things in fact,
    to bring better ways, hopeful days and ways of change and respect

    Were not quitters or we would not be here today
    We are fighters but we settle to easy in ways

    In this life time wouldn’t you like to see change?


    Instead, here is the reaction... the outcome of pain
    Of being taken, ignored
    Broke and stressed on the brain

    I have been hurt
    So the perp goes outside his / her front door and hurts the first person they see

    Black on Black crime does not need tax dollars for you to bleed.

    Attitude messed up thinking
    Jack that fool before he jacks me

    It wasn’t him or her who gave you a worthless degree
    That tax didn’t go onto the neighbor’s plate
    Everyone in the Black community is suffering this attack
    Of complications

    Tomorrow begins the next day in your life
    You have sat and pondered the length and heights
    You would have to take in this fight

    Then settled again to be last... in this life.

    This is the only challengable part
    Of Christianity...turn the other cheek
    Believing heaven above is waiting with yours
    While it is on this earth you should seek

    If you don’t do it yourself
    Speak up... no response has been heard
    Waiting for someone else to do it,
    Begging for welfare and possible a job

    Hoping the good book will move them off the neck
    Hoping the good nature preached will cause them...To do the right thing

    In the mean time... take this Hell
    That is allowed and administered now

    The Lord moves in mysterious ways
    Humans are here
    To be his hand in this maze

    We have to save each other
    We have to save ourselves

    Save the plant in fact
    From the neglect of those who take
    And have no intent to give back.

    This doesn’t just involve Christianity… look around
    Rewards in heaven.. like virgins? Believed by some on this ground
    All faiths and religions allow this to happen and go down

    I want my virgins and dollars down here! :whip:

    To be a good citizen
    Means to obey the laws.

    Not cracked upside the head, hit in the jaw, robbed of your draws.

    Laws keep us civil
    They are suppose to protect your privacy and house

    Then why are politians and those who wrote and admister above them?

    Continue to allow the snatch

    Then you expect. GOD
    To put those who do bad in their place...
    and things will change, be better and
    blessing will pour abundantly in your life

    While you ponder
    and take it
    and sit and ponder.

    See Caucasians they pray,
    But later... they say
    Now go out there and get your rewards
    Off those who allow

    Us to have them rely on this attitude of patience... they bow
    And go along with our words

    A word never stopped anything
    A smack in the face
    That police brutality that plagues the race

    That education outdated, you got that degree
    there are no jobs
    Because as your in school the technology evolved.

    The test books are written from concepts long passed
    The theory is antiquated not forward looking or advanced

    Now the sadest part of it all is
    This same out dated Methodology is taught in grade school to our children
    Nothing in school has prepared them for life.

    Bring back the trades and the substance in life.
    Bring back music, bring back something they like.
    Just don't continue to give up your life and dollars and get a empty sell.

    Would you buy from me a paper that is yesterday’s news?

    I appreciate you for taking the time to entertain
    Another of my indignations on some things that I view.
    Continue to turn the other cheek
    Like all this does not affect you
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    wow ....... all i can say !!!
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    the rants of the educated...

    waiting for RIGHT to come. but RIGHT went on vacation a long, long time ago. there are many things we try to position ourselves for, only to find that evolution has made it impossible for us to qualify for...and we have no answer for the changing times...and gotta get mine seem the logical choice when a strong voice doesn't work. BUT A UNITED VOICE brings a different type of strength.

    i hear you calling.

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    um... wow brotha hodee :read: :)
    that was... vast. lol
    it reminded me of when you would be on the mic in chat for like ohhh an hour or 4 lol
    good to read you again :)
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    Great write. I thoroughly enjoyed the read!