Black People : Would You Get on TV and do This? Really?

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    As some of y'ell know, I do not watch tv as a general rule. Haven't owned a tv in 26 years. But I was visiting some friends the other day and they were looking at Bill Cunningham. There was some crazy a$$ed folks on that show. I can't understand how anybody can get on tv and let the world know they don't know who the father of they're child is.

    There women don't even think about the children who have to go to school and deal with other kids teasing them cause their mama is a birthday cake (everybody gets a piece).

    They had one woman on there the other day whose kids were grown. The man she had on there denied he was the father. He was just as old. He had teeth like stars (they came out at night) But the DNA test proved he was the father. I don't know what good that did her since her kids were already too old for child support. If he married her, old as he was, they'd prolly use the local pharmacy for their bridal registry.

    Then they had a woman on there trying to prove this guy was not the father of her kid. She got mad when the test came back positive.

    To take the cake. Last but not least, this woman came on there claiming three men as the possible father of her child. Turned out, none of them were, but one man said he would care for the kid anyway.

    The men on this show be insulting the women, calling them names like Peanutbutter (quick to spread their legs) and Big Nasty.

    This does not encourage me to go out and buy a television set.