Black Relationships : Would you end your friendship because


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Oct 28, 2008
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Times have changed

There is innocent flirting. Then there is serious.. hey what are you two doing?

Innocent flirting is Ok.. like if he tells her how great she looks in a outfit.
Me sitting there. There is no bond strong enough for me to tolerate him if I sense any misdeeds.

I keep an eye on my male friends.. I know some DOG's.. My male friends aren't allowed in my home to wait for me, or to come by my home looking for me.
I can remember a time, when this was not an issue. Thanxx Hodee


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Mar 8, 2009
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Your freind was flirting with your man or woman? Why is it that a men don't usually end their male bonding, yet some women will through gurlfriends under the bus for even thinking about it? Even if you don't end the friendship, will be able to trust them around your honey ever again?
I wouldnt end the friendship .. Because I have a friend who is just like this.. she flirts with every Man she meets.
She cant seem to help it:jawdrop:
But I wouldnt give her up for anything because aside from this she IS a really good friend!!! ;)

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