Black Christians : Would This Be the Day...May 21, 2013?...

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    Would This be the Day, …May 21, 2013?...
    The End of the year 2012

    But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
    ST MATTHEW 24:26.​

    Based on my research, as I did share years ago when I first came to this community, the end of 2012 is not based upon this American dating system. In regards to the prophecies and predictions that we hear today, especially the Mayan prophecy of 2012, the origin of it begins with what has been written in the Bible. This would mean that, even though most of the people in this whole entire world is fixated on the Bible!--But they do not want to admit it. Daniel wrote this prophecy of which became known more popularly as, the Apocalypse, in the year 488 BC, of which was dated to be in the first year of the reign of a Babylonian king named Belshazzar, and the Bible dating system can be confirmed based upon the Star of Bethlehem. The Mayan Prophecy has been recorded during their Classical Age, and this is about 800 years later after Daniel and come and gone! And so that would mean, just like people today, the Mayans based their own predictions upon past ancient priest-scientist, people of whom did migrate from the Old Mediterranean world after the lifetime of Daniel and became apart of the Native American history.

    So based upon the origin of this 2012 prophecy, we need to consider that many people are basing this incorrectly due to this American Calendar, and who knows for sure what Calendar the Creator God will use should he come and prove this prophecy that came from the mouth of his only begotten son!? For Bible believers though, it should be obvious that Jesus did not make this prophecy for it to be ignored. Years later, Daniel had another vision about this same prophecy and in it, Jesus was in the spirit, and he lifted up his hands and swore to it in regards to the year that he would come to end the world governments. He swore to a year. And many people miss the point that even though he swore to a year, he later said that no one will know the day or hour. But in regards to the year, it is important to realize why it would be impossible to determine the very day or hour that this prophecy will come to pass.


    God changed the New Year for the Hebrew Calendar and so that would mean that the end of 2012 would be six (6) months beyond the original New Year. Also at that time and long before, it was already determined that the beginning month of the year was MARCH! The month of March is therefore, the technical and SCIENTIFIC and true FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR for this whole entire world! And there is another major factor; the beginning day of the month is not the first day or ‘1’, but it would be ‘the 14th day of each month’. So the first day of the new year would be MARCH 14’. And if you count from March to September, it is easy to confirm on your own, that even America keeps this date firmly in check! The root word ‘Sept’ in ‘September’ means ‘seven’ ‘7’ and therefore September is still ‘the 7th month’ and not ‘the 9th month’ that America’s Calendars say it is! The root word ‘OCT’ in ‘October’ means ‘eight’, ‘8’ and therefore, America confirms this too as well for October scientifically being ‘the 8th month’ of the year and not ‘the 10th month’ as their Calendar today says. Therefore, it becomes easy to see that God changed the Hebrew New Year from beginning in March to September, the 7th month of the year, but there arises another significant issue and that would be THE LEAP YEAR.

    Some governments set up their LEAP PERIODS in terms of having a LEAP MONTH based on a Lunar Calendar while some factor in a LEAP PERIOD in terms of having LEAP DAYS incorporated in their Solar Calendar cycles and etc., therefore, if we are not scientist who are able to track these time variations from day to day, there is no way to know for sure when the end of 2012 will really occur.

    The Hebrew Calendar though became in sync, at the time of the Crucifixion with the coming of the Star of Bethlehem, in fact, this star corrected all Calendar for civilized governments because it is a scientific basis of keeping accurate time with the universe. But the end of 2012 for the scientific Calendar is different from the Hebrew Calendar. The Scientific Calendar’s end of the year of 2012 would be FEBRUARY 14, 2013, on Valentines Day! But what if it is a leap year? Then the end of the year could be 21-23 of March; MARCH 21-23, 2013! And what if we base this prophecy on the Hebrew Calendar?

    The Hebrew Calendar’s end of the year of 2012 would be based on the fact that God moved their New Year from March to begin in September, but this poses a number of questions. Did he do this on a leap period? If he did then who would we know for sure? However, when Jesus was born under the Star of Bethlehem, time became in sync. On April 16, 2002, it circled back around, lined up again in formation with the other planets exactly as it did before, and corrected time again! And like when Jesus was born, April signifies that this was done on a leap year. Jesus was a Leap year baby. On an ancient leap year, the second month of the year becomes the first month of the year and that would be April. So if the end of 2012 occurs in a leap year then, April would be considered perhaps, the first of the year and that would make 2012 to end in MAY 2013, perhaps May, 21-23, 2013.

    Because the Star of Bethlehem, the planet Saturn, came in to line up in sync with the other planets on April 16, 2002, then would that mean that the years, 2005, 2008, and 2011 become leap year period too? If so, then the end of 2012 would not be on a leap year and so, the year would technically end in the month of April 2013, perhaps April 21-23, 2013. But in regards to what happened about 2000 years ago, there is another significant issue.

    Within the 33 ½ years that Jesus grew up, spread his message and ended up being Crucified on the cross, the Star of Bethlehem had circled around the sun in its cycle of which was about 29 ½ years and then became apart of the planetary line up that happened again at that time to contribute to the catastrophic occurrences of which included, a total solar eclipse, followed by a series of major earthquakes of which the prophets of the Bible did record. The Star of Bethlehem came in and stopped over Jerusalem when Jesus was born and was a swaddling babe in a manger, then about two years later when Joseph and Mary moved into a house somewhere in Bethlehem, the star basically followed him! When the wise men followed the star, it lined up straight overhead and over the house and they saw ‘the young child’. So with in a two year period, this seemingly slow moving star moved from over some point in Jerusalem where the manger had been to somewhere in Bethlehem-Judaean country where the house had been. Then about 33 ½ years later, the star circled back around the sun, had its first new year, and lined up over the Crucifixion. So in correlation to this story, the end of 2012 could be in the original New Year of the Hebrews in September 2013, or even in October 2013. Was this the reason why Jehovah changed their new year and moved it six months ahead to begin in September?

    Their Holy Days revolved around ‘keeping time’ and they had three major mandatory observances; (1) Passover in September/October, (2) the Feast of the Booths/Tabernacle in March/April, and (3) the Feast of Breads/70 Weeks. The Feast of Breads began on the 15th of the month and ended 49 days later followed by a Convocation on the 50th day, and this would later be in sync with the birth of the Holy Ghost, or the Day of Pentecost. It ended in November but in a leap year it ended in December on the 6th Day. Therefore all of these significant issues reveal that because the earth rotates and revolves on a set pattern, the days and hour variations are great enough to the point that the end of 2012 could actually compensate for time factors that could even end in November 2013 or even December 2013, who knows?

    As good as scientist today are in regards to tracking time, there are so many other variations that could give variations with in a year between the Spring Equinox and the Fall Equinox and there is, in my opinion, no way that they can track these variations down to the day or hour immediately. The American Calendar is not in agreement with science and based on the Bible in the same chapter of this prophecy, DANIEL Chapter 7, this changing of dates was done to deceive us. No matter, this prophecy is written for us to watch and pray and to prepare and to also, have hope that he will not allow us to be in a world that constantly persecutes righteous always. It is written to give us hope. And that is perhaps why the Roman empire system changed the dates and times.

    The Roman Calendar begins their New Year in January 1, but they only did this after they became an empire. For thousands of years they went by another new year, that of the Assyrians of which is ‘their mother system’ anyway. Therefore, the Romans observed the new year in NOVEMBER, the month after the Samain festival [Saturnalia Festival] and their years end, was October [September/October]. Today, America goes by this same Calendar and therefore, technically, the month of December is not the years end. So if we continue to look at the end of 2012 to be in December, in my opinion, it just might come and go with no big happening that will come from Jehovah. Sure, I certainly believe that in December 21, 2012, the Mayan prediction, there will definitely be some phenomena that will occur due to the eclipse, but no one really knows if it is the prophecy that Jesus spoke of in the Book of Daniel.

    In September of 2012 and according to scientist, there is suppose to be another planetary alignment but just like when Jesus was born, nothing major happened that disrupted the planet at that time, and did not happen until more than 33 years later. In November 13, 2012, there is suppose to also be a total solar eclipse positioned somewhere in the southern hemisphere just a month before the lunar eclipse to occur on December 21, 2012. Now I do believe that this does correlate to what the prophets spoke about and perhaps, the close proximity of two eclipses could eventually set off a chain reaction, but just when will this chain reaction occur? One prophet said that [paraphrasing] the moon will be as black as sackcloth of hair and then turn as blood’, this is a specific, scientific definition of first ‘A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE’ and then secondly ‘A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE’, and any one knows that the two cannot happen simultaneously. When a total solar eclipse happens, the sun does become ‘black’ due to the moon coming in between the sun and the earth and, when a total lunar eclipse happens, the moon does appear to be a reddish or orange-red color and this is a constant observation over the course of thousands of years. So I can see that the total solar eclipse to happen in November 13, 2012, followed the next month by a total lunar eclipse in December 21, 2012, could fit that particular prophecy, but there could be other sequences to occur later as well.

    In conclusion, this whole ‘end time’ rage stems from the very Bible and amazingly, while so many people claim that they don’t believe in it, they sure do spend much time trying to debunk it. So many articles, books, and movies have been made as a result of this prophecy too and they dance around this issue of its early origin in the Bible. Nevertheless, it has been written and has become a subject that has constantly come up for discussion and will continue for some time now. The world seems to be preoccupied with it, and I believe that Jesus did this on purpose! He’s got us all up in arms about it! All in all, prophecy states that the beginning of all of these happenings in these ‘end times’ will involve a huge change in the whole planet and it will begin at one specific point with in a particular year. There is a recent movement that says the end times will actually be this very month, but according to the Bible there is a TRIBULATION PERIOD before the end times begins, and perhaps based upon this issue, some may believe it to be so. However, the Tribulation period is due to mankind’s actions. Jesus reminds us not to run to places in search of him should catastrophe happen because he will come through the clouds and everyone will see and know for sure by their own account. There is no escaping this prophecy until a certain time period has completely passed they year 2012 and at some point during the year of 2013.