Black Relationships : wots up wid da love?

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by hope, Mar 12, 2007.

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    i havent put a thread on here for a while but whenever i do i like to post something i think is on most of our minds as thats the only way we can make something constructive of this forum so with the recent cover of black mens magazine of the latin babe that was voted sexiet of the year and the reaction from some sistas which shows to me that theres sistas that feel theres brothas dont find them attractive or worthwhile my questions is brothas is there truth to this? if you like non black women dont front it would be interesting to see your comments, do you like them cause you feel they look better or do you like them because you feel sistas are not trust worthy? it would be good to see your answer as it would give us all some understanding of an issue which hasnt really been explored, if you a sista and you feel brothas be feeling other races of women more then they own then why?

    my take on this is that there is a lack of trust between some brothas and sistas, what created that lack of trust is the the most interesting thing we could look into. If you look at how the system portrays black relationships this may have contributed to the lack of respect for example most of the time when i see a film with a black couple the man is always black where as the sista would be light skin or bi racial, its rare to see a black couple of the same shade in hollywood films maybe this has gone towards some brothas finding lighter skinned women more attractive then a black women or a dark complected sista. Some sistas complain about there not being enough good black men to go around, some sistas have complained that brothas are hard working and have no ambition while i dont agree with these complaints has complints like this lead to brothas feeling of no use to a sista, are there brothas that feel unappreciated?
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    I wouldnt trust HOLLYWOOD for accounts of RELATIONSHIP MATTERS.

    That is where the TRUST must have GONE....




    Oh well.