Quiet Poetry Lounge : Worth The Heart-ache?

is it worth it...

the heartache
the sadness
the bitter moments
the teary goodbyes
the ripping of your insides when it's time to part

is it worth putting yourself in jeopardy of the pain that you MIGHT go through?


one moment of pleasure
one minute of the joy
one nanosecond of that touchie-feelie feeling that accompany TRUE love is worth all the negative possibilities that anyone could imagine.


thank you for this.
I say yes

people aren't perfect. No matter what you do or say someone will dissappoint you in some way or another. It's good to share your love. I'd rather have the chance to share my love with someone and learn from the experience, than to be in the "perfect" relationship and be there treading water or something like that.
You done opened ma eyes with this and ma heart.


I say Yes!!! Yes!!! and YES again!!!

I was just saying that I'm glad I'm single after hearing a couple horror stories today about a friend's relationship. But, I really do desire to love again (in spite of the hurt endured from my last relationship of 4 yrs). I'm learning that not all men are the same and that I don't have to settle for any man. But, even the most wonderful, Godly man has faults.

Like UbZoRb said, nobody's perfect. Not you/me, he/she. But it is good to love and share love. If it doesn't work out, learn from the experience and move on. ;)

Did I make sense? Felt like babbling..:p
this scribe is tight but i see that it might end up a forum question...

so before it does allow me to interject: Love is worth it. It will place us in positions of being hurt and trust being destoyed but this is not Godly love. thist is man's desires who mislead our hearts into believing what is lust is love. We must seek God first, give into to Him completely and allow Him to search our hearts. Then and only then will love prevail and never fail. This doesn't mean that love won't still cause soem pain, but, under the comittment to God, LOVE will mend stronger than before.

Once again, Love never fails, man does....


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