Black People : worst car accident

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by daroc, Aug 12, 2004.

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    May 16, 2004
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    i figured ill throw this out there since my lil brohter jus got in one... he iight.. but he doesnt have a lincence. so my moms gots a ticket fo dat cuz the person dad he hit was pushin for it...( we kinda knew the cop) but newways.. her car was messed up.. and we came out str8( thats wat a tahoe can do)

    so wat car accidents have u been in... or witnessed.. ...
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    Jul 28, 2004
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    Oh Man! Last year. The day before Thanksgiving. Up here in Columbus, OHio. they hadn't caught the "highway shooter or sniper" SO i WAS TRYING TO GET ON DOWN THE ROAD BECAUSE WE LIVE IN THE AREA WHERE SOME OF THE SHOOTINGS TOOK PLACE. So I had just got on the intersate eased on from the far right lane to the far left(fast lane). Going 70 mph in a 65. This old white man with a passenger was going too slow and I was kind of riding his tail a bit so that he could speed up. But this old man pats the break. I tap the corner of his truck and it spins him around and knocks him....he rolled over all four lanes into a ditch! Another truck to my right has a blow out and comes flying across the lane I'm...we both end up in the oncoming traffic! I had my kids in the car. One of them had a bad habit of always popping out of his seatbelt and wasn't in it! I thought the old man and his passenger were dead. But all of us were without a scrape. Except for our cars! I couldn't even eat on Thanksgiving Day. and my car was ToTaled. The first and worst accident I've ever been in. Ironically my car Had personalized plates that said,.....THEE END. NOW AIN'T THAT SOMETHING?