Black People : World's most endangered whale spotted

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    World's most endangered whale spotted

    North Pacific right whale spotted last week off British Columbia. Photo by John Ford

    ‘Astonishing’ North Pacific right whale sighting is only the second in 62 years off British Columbia
    Last previous sighting was a mammal killed by whalers in 1951; it's the most endangered whale species on earth

    The right whale spotted last week, which measured about 55 feet, was about 20 feet larger than the whale spotted in June. Ford noticed scarring that looked to have been caused by entanglement. Right whales, which spend lots of time at the surface, are vulnerable to boat strikes and fishing nets.


    These robust baleen whales were decimated during the commercial whaling era and are critically endangered. The Center for Biological Diversity categorizes North Pacific right whales (Eubalaena japonica) as the most endangered whale species on earth.
    Their estimated population is less than 50 and scientists have photo-identified fewer than 30 individuals. British Columbia waters are their historic territory, which is why it’s so exciting to scientists to have documented the first two sightings in the region in 62 years.