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    Hotel Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, to all of you that read and have confidence in that which I share with you, along with my integrity, I make an appeal to you just, as an appeal has been made to me, and I urge you who are in favor of seeing Afrika and Afrikan People quest for Freedom, to read the Missive to me below and accept it as I now present it to you, asking you to comply with Brother Agboton appeal for Help.

    Brother Agboton is a Strong dedicated Black Nationalist Pan-Afrikans, who has had his most recent effort to assemble Afrikan Warriors from wherever we are on this Planet, to a conference that was intended to have been held in Senegal and if you should read the Missive below, then you will see the out come of his effort and who some of our Enemies are, against Freedom for Afrika and Afrikan People.

    So beloved, I appeal to you to respond to this strong and dedicated Brother, whose interest is Afrika and Black People Liberation.

    I Thank You In Advance for Responding To My Appeal To You In Behalf of Brother Agboton, whom did not ask me to do what I have done in appealing to you my Beloved sisters and Brothers, Whom I love Dearly.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


    Chief Elder



    Dear Brother Osiris,
    I humbly come to you to seek your support regarding expenditures of World Congress of Panafricans that began on December 27, 2007 at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal and ended on the 31st.
    We were overly optimistic as to entries of registration income but our main donor made of the Latin countries delegations of African descendants was denied transit visas in Spain. Some of the other participants from countries in Central and South America faced the same decisions of visa denial by Spain, and only the two of Colombia were capable of paying the excessive airfares through other nations in this late season.
    Although we changed venues due to the fact the first amphitheathre was renovated in preparation of the Organization of the Islamic Head of State Conference, our sudden loss of our main backers affected us. I hate to find myself in jail in addition to what has been trying times with sabotage, double-crossing and outright negative propaganda from within senegal and outside. The crux will be for me to land in jail just when in poetic justice of all the challenges faced, the media has covered very well our conference.
    I have been leaving the University after 10 pm, and am at the conference centre today to dissuade the authorities that I am not running away until the situation is solve. But the director has extended until Thursday (extended) to pay or she will have to call in the authorities.
    I received promises but those donations have not been coming and I have mustered the patience of all those I owe until now.
    I am appealing to you for financial assistance.
    I am sincerely sorry to even have to add such a burden on you since the cost to defray is today 3300 Dollars* but could not have envisaged that our main sponsor will not arrive on the 26th December. I shall appreciate any part of it underwritten by you however modest the sum of money sent.
    Jacques Sotero Agboton
    Phone 221 77 609 9711
    President of the organizing commitee
    www.jsapublishing. com/wcp.html
    PS *The trip to the Goree Island was not budgeted to be paid but I got unexpectedly billed for it by the deputy Mayor because he gave our participants "red carpet treatment" since we went from the ferry straight to the slave house and bypassed all the tourists who were made to wait outside until the tour of our group ended. Apparently the hosting and presentation at the city hall in Gorée was not without interest and the one or two "officials"who showed up, expected some reward.
    I plead with you to send the fund to our prepaid credit card by purchasing a GREENDOT PREPAK RELOAD CARD that cost $'4.95 at any CVS, Walgreen or Radio Shack. Do not take an activation card of 9.95 for it is for new cardholders.
    Once you have the reload card just email me the 16 or more digit card code that starts with a 9.

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