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Oct 4, 2009
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Baba Elombe Brath - Chief Elder of the Diaspora, Co-founder of WADU
Baba Dudley Thompson - Interim President, Co-founder of WADU

The Unification and Restoration of African People

The Liberation and Unification of African People Under One Central Government in Africa .

The World African Diaspora Union (WADU) having been created for the unification and solidifying the various associations, groups and individuals of the Black Diaspora and having accepted the Africancentric Pan African philosophy as the means of establishing a new global order of justice and equality for all by African empowerment for the accomplishment of the African Renaissance; Resolved:

1. To work towards the unification of Africa with one central Government under the African Union;

2. To work towards the official acceptance of the Diaspora as the 6th Region of the United Africa;

3. To oppose and eradicate racism, imperialism and neo-colonialism and its vestiges in all forms everywhere;

4. To dedicate itself to the promulgation and recognition of the full dignity and equality of women in all aspects of life, globally;

5. To recognize and emulate the philosophy and teachings of our history, culture and the sciences and to perpetuate it in the education of our children;

6. To promote economic sustainable development of businesses, trade and commerce amongst African people and the world;

7. To promote humanitarian support, peace, reconciliation and security for the African people and its most vulnerable, our children;

8. To acknowledge and support the Abuja Declaration to support its mandate in pursuance of the claim to Reparations;

9. To accept the findings of the Durban Conference on Racism, Xenophobia and other related matters and to pursue the plan of action arising thereof;

10. To assist and cooperate with all individuals, groups and associations which adopt these tenants and principles.

Pan African Movement Summit Resolution
Urging the Building of an Interim Secretariat For a World Afrikan Diaspora Union (WADU) Region of Africa

Whereas, Africans everywhere have been severely oppressed and underdeveloped due to the legacy of Imperialism, Racism Slavery, and (Neo) Colonialism, and

Whereas, African leaders in Africa have invited the African Diaspora to participate in the African Union (AU) as constituent members of Africa , and

Whereas, the Veteran African Diaspora leaders are organizing the Diaspora for the restoration and unification of Africa under one central government, therefore,

Let It Be Resolved that the Pan African Movement (PAM) Summit now be organized as the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) with an Interim Secretariat; and

Let It Be Resolved that the Interim Secretariat be called the Interim Secretariat of WADU and served until the 2010 Pan African Convention PAC); and

Let It Be Resolved that the WADU PAC in 2010 is consisted of a peoples Congress representing communities from across the Diaspora for the formalization of WADU; and

Let It Be Resolved that the Honorable Dudley Thompson be immediately nominated for election as Chief Elder & President the WADU & serve through 2007-2008 ; and

Let It be Resolved that the Chief Elder& President immediately form a Council of Leaders to serve the WADU from the nominations at the PAM Summit; and

Let It Be Resolved that the Council of Leaders of WADU plan strategic meetings with leaders in AU, CARICOM and other key leaders to unify the Diaspora;

Let It Be Resolved that the WADU leadership immediately establish an Interim Secretariat office to begin planning for Post Summit events & the 2008 Summit, and

Let It Be Resolved that WADU take effect as the primary organ of the Diaspora for the unification of the Africa effective July 18, 2007, and

Let It Be Further Resolved that WADU calls for a Pan African ( marshall ) Plan for the restoration and reconstruction of African communities around the world; and

Let It Be Further Resolved that WADU calls for cultural & educational campaigns for the proper education of African people in the world for self determination; and

Let It be Further Resolved that WADU to work with other African leaders and people to immediately establish a united states of Africa with one central government, and

Finally, Let It Be Further Resolved that WADU begins mobilizing its constituency from all across the Diaspora to support the AU Pan African vision.

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