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    this is an inquiry into whether or not there is sufficient interest n continuing 2 hv writers workshop sessions n Destee chat & if so, what direction those who would attend hv in it taking.


    i can continue 2 do a monologue about various aspects of the craft of writing - we've covered critique; premise; plot; & this week, character development.

    we can begin 2 critique essays, short stories, & entire manuscripts, chapter by chapter.

    we could discuss specific novels n greater detail: examining their premise, characters, plots, etc n order 2 gain greater insight to the process of writing.

    please post ur preferences & ur interests, f u have any. let me know f u have an interest in continuing 2 have this workshop.

    i would also like 2 change the time from 6:00pm on sunday to 7:00pm on sunday - so there isn't such a long lag b/t sessions on sunday evening.

    thank u