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    I lit a candle for oshun for guidance with someone I am dating.
    I was wondering does she work best with yemaya?
    If so does anyone have any tips/rituals,spells to increase this energy around me?
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    child care provider
    eartH (Heart) is my home

    Osun loves
    • the number 5, so everything you offer her must be in this configuration.
    • The colors yellow, peaches/orange.
    • Peacock feathers,
    • oranges (fruit),
    • mirrors (handheld),
    • Her day is Thursday.
    • Of course don't forget the offerings at the river. Rivers are her domain and supplication to her there is very powerful.
    • Also, jars of honey because she hid these under her skirt to bring Ogun back from the forest

    Hope this helps
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    Sister Cursed Heart, call on whatever guardian spirits you need. Personally, I sometimes call on more than one as some work well together. Some practitioners may work with the both Lwa’s and the Orisha’s. I tend to use both as spirit is present in every aspect of creation but what is most importantly in any ritual or practice is your intention.

    One thing I tend to get into the habit of doing before performing any ritual is taking a spiritual bath. Depending on the type of ritual I would use specific essentials oils in the bath and consecrate it as it is running with Himalayan or Dead Sea salt for external and internal flushing stirring the bath directing a blessing from the Goddess or Deity you have chosen to assist you. But do not use any salts if you have high blood pressure.

    I also like to burn candles and incense in the bathroom that my aura be receptive to the ritual as well as play inspiring music. Once in the bath you do not have to immerse your whole head etc under the water but you can cup the water in your hands making sure all chakra points have been anointed.

    After my spiritual bath I would set up my altar and call on the specific Deity.

    Call on Oshun to bring love, beauty and luxury into your life. Offerings can include the following:

    - yellow candles
    - yellow cloth
    - yellow flowers
    - river water
    - honey with cinnamon sticks (taste before giving to Oshun, as someone tried to poison her once)
    - oranges
    - pumpkin
    - white wine, mirrors
    - gold or brass bells
    - jewelry
    - fans
    - peacock feathers
    - honey cakes
    - kola nuts
    - amber
    - coral beads
    - Carnelian
    - cowrie shells

    Yemaya is Mother to many of the Orishas. Sometimes she is said to be Oshun’s Mother, sometimes her devoted sister. But it is accepted that Oshun often hands her children over to Yemaya once they are born, for Yemaya to nurture and raise.

    Call on Yemaya for protection, peace, benevolence, and wealth. Call on her when you need nurturing or to secure devotion of family.

    Some offerings:

    - seashells
    - seafood
    - watermelon
    - blue candles
    - mirrors
    - seven coins
    - grapes

    If you wish you can call on the Vodou Lwa “Ezili” for matters pertaining to the heart, love and beauty. Call on Ezili to enhance your ability to attract love. Call on her as well whenever you are disappointed by failed dreams, or when you want to bring your expectations into alignment with reality.

    Some offerings to Ezili include:

    - colours of white, pink, pale blue
    - perfume
    - lace
    - hand mirrors
    - sweet liqueur of Orangeat
    - rice cooked in cinnamon
    - white wine
    - bananas fried in sugar

    If you don't already have the following books you may find them of interest:

    "Opening To Spirit: Contacting the Healing Power of the Chakras & Honouring African Spirituality" by Caroline Shola Arewa (1998)
    ISBN: 0 7225 3726 3

    "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua (2001)
    ISBN: 0 345 43486 2

    "Vodou Visions" by Sallie Ann Glassman (2000)
    ISBN: 0 375 75370 2

    - The Goddesses: Psychology of Female Power Part II by Iya Afin & Ayobunmi Sangode (2007)
    ISBN-10: 1425948847
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    soulosophy I love your reccomendations! :)

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