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May 23, 2001
You said and I believed,
But where are the words
Which I've failed to contrieve.

You said that love entwines
Us as cornsilk on cob.
Where now are your words,
As my heart quivers and sobs?

My ears strain for the sound
Of your car in the drive.
Where are your words now?
When will they arrive???

Words, words, words and mo words.

Their are like a drug,
Enslaving me.
The lack of them is
Depraving me.

At the sound of your voice,
I feel as if
I have no choice.
Nor do I search for any.

Your eyes
So easily charm me
Into a position
Where I want to be.

Your lips weaken me as
They glide over my sacred places.
Whispered words in between,
Hitting all of my bases.

Words, words, and mo words.

Your words are but
Fragments of lust.
They leave me holding
Nothing but dust.

God, please help me,
For I am just a fool.
His words are effectively,
Being used as his tool...

Yet,I still long for his
Words, words, words, and mo words.

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you say so much here that does not immediately meet the naked eye. At first blush, it looks like another well scribed, subjective lament....but you go deeper...and you speak of the plight of many. Many who fall for pretty 'words'.

One of my favorite passages:

Your eyes
So easily charm me
Into a position
Where I want to be.

I find there is no age limit to lack of the areas of 'substance'...reality....and truth.

Teach, sis



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