Black Poetry : Word Play (Part 4)

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    Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)

    pretentiously assuming,
    reality looming,
    the blind intent of
    hopelessly zooming through life
    as if indifference stops the accumulation of years,
    tears fall just as easily
    in lies as in truth,
    uselessly justifying
    your mind’s bent vision,
    by saying you’re making the best decisions
    possible for someone in your position,
    but what position is that?
    maybe you should join a coalition,
    or refuters anonymous,
    to stop the sickening cycle
    that tells you you’re ok

    Elevator Rendezvous

    the thick accumulation of passion rising like air,
    and then there, the strange tingle of flesh
    upon steel upon flesh upon steel,
    she feels him, down between her knees,
    inciting interesting interpretations
    of what heaven must literally be like,
    his tongue, creating its own vibration as the elevator climbs,
    she finds, her eyes locking in own the yellow flashes of numbers,
    as she struggles to remain conscious,
    never has pleasure felt this good,
    the four walls around her seemingly miles away,
    replaced by a spherical cover of satisfaction,
    4….7…9…13…16…it rises higher and higher,
    like the feelings within her….
    and he’s the supplier of a fire that has begun to intensify,
    then he enters inside her,
    her head swirling,
    with the need to
    scream and shout,
    smile and cry,
    etch his name across heaven,
    and the single reason why is…
    he’s uplifted her sensually, into a realm she’s never known before,
    the light reads 36, her entire body pulsating still,
    they move out through the opening door