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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin

The ancient Egyptians came up with several accounts of how the world and mankind were created by their gods. By observing the acute behavior of their Nile river flow they concocted a novel idea of a world creation by flood which was adopted later on by Hebrew priests, who did some reverse engineering and tinkering with Egyptian philosophy and religion. “Kmt (the black land) meant Egypt and Kmt with the determinative for ‘people’ meant Egyptians” (Black Athena Bernal, Volume 2, p.262).Egypt’s superb fortune was god’s gift of a Nile river that renewed its rich black topsoil annually. Plato reported that the Nile was Egypt’s “savior”

When Herodotus went to Egypt he learned that “The Nile behaved in the opposite way to other rivers”. Plato learned that the Egyptians considered the Nile to be a savior. This is and other reasons makes the Nile a good fossilized and archeological evidence to be used for comparative analysis in the Bible with Egyptian myths because we can exclude other cultures except primarily for a main Egyptian theme having an influence and inspiration on the Genesis creation story when it comes in later to many peculiar details. The Nile flooded and spread its thick black soil over the land every year causing them to believe that man was fashioned from this thick black mud (clay) from a God on a potter’s wheel. Based on this process the Egyptians named themselves Kemet (Ham) meaning “The county of the Blacks” not “The black soil”. Herodotus also reports that a good Nile flood was considered 15 cubits high (Book 2:13), a numbered that affected the Noah’s flood story also in (Genesis 7:20). The Egyptians believed that a flood came about producing 8 gods who then populated the world. The Hebrews took this story from the Egyptians and turned it into a flood and giving Noah’s family a total of eight humans rather than Gods to repopulated the earth. If we follow the mythology of man being created from the black mud of the Nile then quite naturally the Garden of Eden was from the Nile too. The Garden of Eden river had four branches, two splitting off in the north of the Egyptian delta, the other two split off in the south by Ethiopia. No other river but the Nile fit’s the description of the Bible narrative. Hebrews took the behavior of the Nile overflow and turned it into an analogy of a world creation.

“The earth was formed out of water and by water” 2 Peter 3:18 And when this water dried up it was thick black mud or clay then “Yet, O Lord, you are our Father, we are the Clay (dried up dust), you are the potter (Ptah)” Isaiah 64:8. We know that Adam (Atum) was formed from the dust of the black mud then God (Amen) breathed air into his nose and lungs. In Egypt Atum was formed out of water and a came out of a mountain of mud. Now look at baptism with the coming out of the water for a rebirth. Moses was trained under Egyptians priests and passed this vital information down to his followers. Long before Moses was born many Egyptian creation stories flooded their papyrus papers and Pyramid coffin texts and graffiti painted all over Egypt. For example:

At Queen Hatshepsut’s temple at Deir el-Bahari in Thebes contains a wall-relief which depicts the God Khnum fashioning her and her ka (spirit) out of clay on his potter’s turntable. Moses would have known about the cult Khnum’s creation story because Moses knew of all Egyptian wisdom Acts 7:22. Moses’ familiarity with Khnum and other Gods may explain the Egyptian imagery found in the second Genesis creation account (Genesis 2:4-25) Here, Yahweh-Elohim forms man out of the ground and breathes the breath of life into his nostrils causing the man to become a living being.Khnum, likewise creates humans and animals on his potter’s wheel using the silt/mud of the Nile, i.e., clay. After fashioning a person, his consort Heket offers the “breath of life,” symbolized by the ankh, to the nose of the clay figure. Basically this is the same process of the Bible giving its origin to Egyptian priests. The land wasn’t just Black its people were too.

The Egyptians envisioned an initial world flood that gave rise to life (other nations viewed flooding with death). As the Nile floodwaters retreated back to the Nile basin it left large mounds of fertile black soil in its departure giving substance to fashion man/Adam from and for farming food. Blame it on the Nile and black Egyptian priests for some of the basic thoughts found in the book of Genesis.


Plutarch in Isis and Osiris said: “Egypt, moreover, which has the Blackest of soils (Cham/Ham, land of black soil) they call by the same name as the black portion of the eye, “Chemia”/KMT ) and compare it to a heart; for it is warm and moist and is enclosed by the southern portions of the inhabited world and adjoins them, like the heart in a man’s left side“. The Egyptians refer to themselves and their land from the Black soil of the Nile. How? Their philosophy clearly states their origins came from this black mud. Their land and roots is the Black mud of the Nile. They are the Black land and people from which they are born from.

The Nile was the heart of the country-even the seasons of the year were determined by the Nile. Our 365-day calendar comes from the Egyptians, but they counted only three seasons splitting 365 into three 120 days of: (1) Inundations, when the waters of the Nile overflowed and flooded the land. If you read carefully there are 3 periods of 40 days (total 120) for Noah’s flood. (2) Emergence, when the waters receded; and (3) Summer, the dry season. Five days were added to each of the three 120 day periods to =365. Its no coincidence after Noah’s flood human beings lifespan is limited to 120 years. During the inundation little agriculture work could be done. With this and a surplus of food the leisure time necessary to invent geometry, writing and philosophy.

Compiled By Andre Austin

The flood story of Mesopotamia (Babylon) conquered by Nimrod/Sesostris I predated the Egyptian Flood story. When the Jews were held as slaves in Babylon in (587BC) they combined the Egyptian and Babylonian flood. This is the bare bones of the story a very abbreviated version from 2000BC:

UtNapishtim (Noah) spoke to him, to Gilgamesh, (Gilgamesh real person ruling at Uruk)
Let me reveal to you a closely guarded matter

The Gods decided that the great Gods should make a flood.
There was Anu their father, (Bibles Sons of God/Daughter’s of man?)
Warrior Elil their counselor,

Dismantle your house, build a boat. (Noah’s Ark an Egyptian Lotus leaf)
Leave possessions, search out living things.
Reject chattels and save lives
Put aboard the seed of all living things, into the ( Noah’ Takes thee by Sevens)
Boat. (Seeds of dinosaurs not available. They were killed off 64 million years ago)

I put on board the boat all my kith and kin ( Noah’s family with all Egyptian names)
Wild beast from open country, all kinds of

Even the Gods were afraid of the flood-weapon.
Ishtar (Venus) screamed like a woman giving birth. (Venus was Isis Goddess of water)

For six days and seven nights (Bible’s 40 days =120 days of Egypt’s flood season)
The wind blew, flood and tempest overwhelmed
the land

For all mankind had returned to clay (Egypt’s Khnum and Ptah creates men from clay)
My tears ran down my cheeks.
I looked for banks, for limits to the sea.

Areas of land were emerging everywhere
The boat had come to rest on Mount Nimush ( Bible Mount Ararat/ in Turkey)
Nimrod? (Caucasus Mountains on Ararat)
I put out and released a dove (Noah sent a Dove out Genesis 8:12)
The dove went; it came back ( Egyptians includes a Benben and Heron bird from Egypt)
(Utnapishtim the hero of the flood also released a swallow)

I put out and released a raven (Noah sent Raven Genesis 8:7 to see if land was dry)
The raven went, and saw the waters receding.

What sort of life survived? No man should have
Lived through the destruction.

Instead of your imposing a flood, let a lion come
Up and diminish the people. (Lions were symbolic of fire. So we have the fire next time in the Bible).


The Jews merged the story of the flood with Egyptian characters with the Babylonians. The eight survivors of the flood are Egyptian names. The height of the flood is the Nile’s height flood of 15 cubits and much much more.

Gilgamesh flood story was inspired by a flood of the Black sea around Turkey. This catastrophic event didn’t happen all over the world just a localized event. Scholars think the flood forced inhabitant to migrate to the Babylonian area where they preserved the story and transmitted it to the Jews during their captivity.

When the Hebrews merged the flood story of Egypt and Babylon we see the contrasting views of the two countries views on flood. The Egyptians saw floods as life and the Babylonians saw the flood as death. But why? When Plato wrote about the flood of Atlantis he quoted the Egyptian priests “The Nile our own savior, is freed to preserve us in emergency”. The Egyptians went on to call the Greeks children because over the generations of thousands of years have produce many floods destroying their records of their history and genealogies. Jesus even claimed to be a savior like Noah=Nun=Nile. All the 8 survivors had reference to Egyptian land and people Noah/Nun, Shem an Egyptian city, Ham, the black soil produce from a good Nile flood 15 cubits high and Ham was Egyptian people, Japheth was Ptah a mason from Memphis. The other 4 were unnamed women.

The Nephilim/Giants survived the flood so says Numbers 13:33. Nimrod was a giant from Ethiopia who built the Tower of Babel. So who were the sons of Anak? We know the daughters of Man before the flood were linked with Memphis in Egypt. The Memphis god was Japheth/Ptah.


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