Law Forum : Wonder Where That Police Car's Going Code 3?

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    This is the most listened to PD, FD, EMS live stream website in the world, site navigation is pretty straightforward, every agency isn't streamed for various reasons but approximately 83% of the agencies in the United States are streamed here. For those of you who wish to monitor your public safety agency & it's not listed here your alternative is monitoring them with a radio scanner, I'll cover that in another thread & anyone is more then welcome to contact me for assistance. is the parent company, you can always click on "Live audio" on the home pages header to live stream or learn about radio scanners.

    PLEASE NOTE: Membership is not required for either site & due to the nature of live streaming law enforcement agencies "which is perfectly legal" some elements in the law enforcement community frown on the knowledge that the general public can listen to their communications so I would not recommend requesting membership which requires giving them your personal information.